My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

Hello wonderful people, it’s me, Miss LIz again. I haven’t written in a long time and not to my suprise, nothing has really happened in wrestling.
Chyna turned on D-X for what seems to be no reason. They are starting to get as bad as WCW. Raven has now completely sold out. That disappoints me more then words can say. Raven was the only person who HADN”T sold out, and now they have turned his character too, into a devious monster who is in it only for the money. Raw wasn’t on this last week and I was extremely disappointed. Wrestling has now become something I dread to even watch. The story lines are all lacking in reason, and the characters change everyday.
At least Shawn Michaels is still involved somehow, even though he may not be wrestling, he still has the authority to do what he does best, cause trouble. His plan to take over the WWF is amusing, but very similar to Ric Flair’s presidency at the moment.
Both organizations should actually be more concerned with how to better their shows, then what the other show is doing, and thinking about ways to do what the other show is.
The first time I watched WWF, even, I noticed this, because I thought “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn was a complete rip-off of Chris Jericho, and I still do believe that one of them is a reflection of the other. I could compare every person in the WWF with someone in the WCW, but I wont take the time to do that, because it doesn’t matter because they will continue to do what they want to do, no matter how many of the fans complain. They only want to win the huge battle that exists now, but they will soon find out how childish they are acting when no one will watch either show.
Miss LIz

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