My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

Time for my montly column. Raven accually has a story line now!!!!!!!!! I am so happy about that, except I think he isnt going to be there for a while, but maybe when he comes back he and his mother can fight or something. One thing I do want to know though, where the hell is Miss Elizebeth????????? Nothing really major happened this month, but does it ever?? I believe Kevin Nash is going to win the big title match this Sunday, because on Saturday night they are having a “tribute to Goldberg”. Oh, well wishful thinking I suppose. WWF needs to get more story lines. How many times has someone been buried? And WCW needs to stop trying to be like WWF. There are some things that will never change and that is one of them. I accually watched the Bret the Hitman Hart special. It was rather informative and proved to me, not everything in wrestling is fake. It was a sad story though, and Vince McMahon is an asshole. It looks as though the Outsiders may be getting back together, and that makes a lot of people, even me, happy. Until next month,

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