My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

YEAH!!!! Rowdy Roddy Piper is back!!!! He is just so neat. Since Macho Man is gone, there needs to be some crazy guy in WCW, and Rowdy Roddy Piper is the coolest even though he should realize that he is an old man and he shouldnt wear the same pants. He should take a lesson from Hogan, and stop wearing spandex or whatever the hell it is.
Chris Jericho was on Nitro. That made me happy. It was so funny when he tripped after he tore up one of the signs. He still has the TV belt. He needs a better belt. He needs his Cruiserweight Belt back because he is so much better then Juvi, and Juvi has no personality.
I like the new WWF Chyna angle, except it was so awful on Raw when they did that to her. Even if it is an act, it is still very demented to do that to someone. This weekend is the pay-per-view. Maybe Chyna will kick the Rockís ass herself. I would pay to watch that. I hope HHH wins the title, because damn it, he deserves a title.
I really hope that Kane, Mankind, Stone Cold and the Undertaker kill eachother at the pay-per-view. The angle is so old. It is a lot better then the Wolfpac angle, but come on, it has been a couple of months. WCW and WWF need to learn people donít want to put up with slow-moving story lines.
The Raven vs. Saturn match WILL be winner takes the Flock basically. I hope Raven wins. I donít want the Flock to go away, but it will happen, I know. Kidman has already changed back to the way he was before the Flock. He doesnít have his itch thing anymore, and he dresses in nice shirts and ripped jeans. If Raven must change, I want him to change back into Johnny Polo. He was so adorable as Johnny Polo.

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