My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

I would like to start out by saying the WCW needs to figure out one story line and stick to it. AA wasnít going to reform the Horsemen and now for some fucked up reason he is willing to arm-wrestle Eric Bischoff for it. What the hell is that? I have read that many new people are coming back to WCW. Two of these people are Ric Flair and the Sandman (from ECW).
Sandman for those of you who donít know had many heated fights with Raven while Raven was in ECW. This makes me wonder if WCW is going to give Raven a story line that makes sense. Ravenís current angle is so confusing. Why the hell is Saturn mad at Raven? And a better question is why did Kannyon rejoin Raven? I suppose I will never figure out this story line nor do I really want to.
WWF needs to drop the McMahon/Austin plot. It has been going on for at least a half a year. It is getting terribly old. They need to realize it was great while it lasted but they should end it.
I am SO happy. The New Age Outlaws are once again tag team champions as they deserve to be. What is going on with Kane and Mankind? They need to have a reason for them to hate each other and so far, I havenít seen one, except that the Undertaker doesnít like Mankind. That is all for this week
Miss LIz

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