My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

Hello, this is Miss LIz and I am going to bring you a column tackling the important issues in professional wrestling these days. My first issue is Marcus Bagwell.
The first time Buff showed up on Nitro I thought that he was sincere in staying out of the story lines . I thought he was coming back to thank his devoted fans for their loyalty, but I was wrong. WCW has put an angle on an injury. How low can you sink?
What about Raven? What the hell is WCW doing? Raven is involved in no story line. The Raven/Saturn/Kannyon match is non-existent. Raven is not on Nitro nor Thunder and I ask what the hell is wrong with WCW? If they arenít going to have a Raven plot or one involving the Nest, then why not just fire all of them? WCW only cares about Nash, Hogan, and DDP. What the fuck is this? I turn on WWF and I think 'Wow, this is interesting', then I turn on WCW and fall asleep. WWF has every one of their wrestlers on RAW, and still manages time for new people. Not only that, but WCW is one hour longer then WWF.
I am tired of bitching about WCW, so I will switch to WWF. I was very sad when the New Age Outlaws lost their titles, but oh, well. Stone Cold has started annoying me. He is just like Goldberg, he wins every match he fights in. He has the WWF Champion belt not to mention on of the Tag Team belts. I will say that Stone Cold is a lot better then Goldberg. At least Austin isnít at 43513-0.
Scott Oliver Hall has been arrested for groping a 56 year old woman. Congratulations Hall, I am sure your mother is very proud of you.
I am awaiting the debut of Sunday Heat. I wonder if they are going to have any good matches or if it is going to be like WCW Saturday Night. That is all for this week.

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