My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

I would like to start out by saying how pissed off I am at WWF, Sunday Night. It is the most evil show. Take last Sunday, they ended it without telling you what happened. At least they had Billy Gunn (my new favorite WWF wrestler), even though he was only on for a couple of seconds.
I am quite annoyed because I missed WCW Saturday Night. Saturday Night is the only WCW show Raven and the Flock/Nest are on. I am happy about the new Raven story line, just as long as the Nest doesnít break up. I can tell that Horace is related to Hulk Hogan because he is the one who is challenging Raven. Noone else in the Flock gets any story lines at all.
I was so happy when Kidman came back. I love Kidman, he is the best wrrestler in WCW. Look at the Seven-Year-Itch/Shooting Star Press. It is the best, most dificult move in wrestling today, and the most enetertaining.
Thunder this week is taped (supposedly), so nothing major should happen. Now the only show that isnít taped is Nitro.
The Ultimate Warrior is back. I donít really have an opinoin about him. His entrance was pretty kick ass.

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