My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

I have a couple of things I would like to adress, first of all the WCW/WWF war. I think that it is the most stupid, childish thing I have ever seen. Who cares who gets better ratings? They are both making money and they both should be happy and thankful for that. Both federations have loyal fans and they should leave it that way. The way they are acting I want to watch ECW.
Second of all, what is wrong with Eric Bishoff? He should be paying attention to up and comming stars such as Raven, DDP, Riggs, and so on instead of worrying about a washed up has-been. Bishoff should realize that NOONE likes Hogan anymore. Hogan has his 15 minutes of fame but they are over, and please, I am beging you Bishoff, get a new World Champion. Hogan has had the title for long enough!
What is the deal with Scott Hall? I like Hall a lot but Bishoff should fire his ass. Hall either does not show up at all, or he shows up drunk. I thought Kevin Nash was his best friend. I don't think he is. If Nash was his best friend he would accually TRY to help Hall out, but I don't see anyone trying to help Hall out. The Wolfpac isn't the wolfpac without Scott Hall. If I do remember correctly, there were three members of the wolfpac and Kevin Nash was only one.
I think that Raven and the flock should get a big push. I haven't seen a Raven match in I don't know how long.
The WWF is getting really weak. The Austin/McMahon fight has gone on long enough. DX is highly sickening. All DX does is piss on motorcycles and tell everyone to "suck it". WWF needs to come up with some new storylines as does WCW.
That's my opinion and if you don't like it, you can kiss my ass.

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