My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

Well it is me again, and I am only writing once a month, which some of you will be happy for. I donít understand either federation. WCW is trying to be like WWF, and WWF is trying to be like WCW. WCW now has Scott Hall throwing up all over Eric Bishoff. I thought it was suppose to be for the kids. I have a tip for WCW. If you are trying to make this look real, donít bleep out words. It just isnít very probable that they could do that if they didnít know what the wrestlers were going to say. I am so mad at both of them, I would much rather see ECW, except they only have pay-per-views. The flock is broken up, which is sad to me. Even though I dislike Kidman for being a traitor, I have to be happy because he won the Cruiserweight Title. Ric Flair is back, oh, yeah. WCW needs to get people who arenít over 50. Miss Elizabeth came back, and even if it is for a short while, I am happy. I really havenít been watching wrestling lately. It has become quite boring. The New Age Outlaws are the only thing that keeps me into it. The WCW has changed Ravenís everything. How the hell is he suppose to do anything without a flock? I learned something very interesting about the 9/17 Nitro. Apparently, it was some Jewish holiday so Golberg got the day off, but Raven didnít. That is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard. I am so sick of WCW and their injuries. You never know if one is serious or not. It is fucking stupid. WWF doesnít do that.
Miss LIz

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