My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

Well, here I am again writing yet another column, that I am sure many of you will hate, but truly, I donít care. So here we go again.
I want to know what is the deal with D-X? HHH lost his title a couple of weeks back, as did the New Age Outlaws, so now D-X has no gold. D-X is the most popular group in professional wrestling today, so I think that they should have at least one belt. Hell, Steve Austin had two.
I have some news for all of you Goldberg fans. Goldberg HAS been beaten. He was beaten in two dark matches about a year ago, so WCW is full of shit, and is lying to all of the people who are gullible enough to believe it. Here is a guy who got a big push by WCW, but why? He isnít as good as Raven or MANY other ďstarsĒ in WCW. Raven has a much better gimmick also. Goldberg never talks, and his matches last three seconds. Why does everyone like him? Because he is undefeated? Well, you heard it here, that isnít true. So maybe some of you Goldberg fans with catch a hint and realize this guy is nothing but a fraud.
Moving on to pleasanter topics, I was very happy with Nitro, very happy. KIDMAN IS BACK!!!!!!!! That makes me so happy. Monday night I was sitting, wondering, where Kidman was, and then all of the sudden he was on. I didnít like the ending of any of the matches though. I thought Kidman should have won the title. I mean, look at all of the extra shit he does. He helped 'train' Leno, and they wonít even give him a fucking belt. Poor Kidman. Horace is obviously getting help from his uncle. Horace won against
Raven even though it was really Saturn who defeated him. I suppose now the Flock is going to break up and split in half.
I read an interesting rumor. I read that Stevie Richards (one of the original members of the Nest) will be coming back to WCW, and will be a new angle in the Saturn/Kannyon/Raven fight. Michael Manna (Stevie Richards) is recovering from a rather serious neck injury, so it is unknown IF he comes back, if he will be able to keep up with the three of them. I personally would love to see Richards back in action, and back in the WCW.
That is all for this week.
Miss LIz

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