My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

Well Nitro was a complete disappointment AGAIN. I should have expected it. I am still wondering when the hell Scott Hall is going to come back. He is back in rehab,so I hear. I suppose time will tell.
I am still wondering when this Goldberg winning streak is going to stop. I donít see how anyone can like him. His matches last about 1 minute. He has 2 moves. He takes credit away from the wrestlers who actually put forth effort. It isnít as if anyone is wondering if he will win or not. Everyone knows he is going to win, so what is the point of it? They have hyped him so much that when he does lose, no one will like him anymore. I think they should have made him lose his 100th match, but it is far too late for that. He has no personality. I suppose people will buy anything if it is packaged properly.
Stone Cold lost his title FINALLY. I knew it would happen soon. He has had it far too long. Of course he got it back, but at least he loses once in a while. He canít keep the title forever. Only Hulk Hogan can do that.
Chavo has snapped again. I like this Chavo better then the old one. I personally LOVED the Eddie Trap.
The New Age Outlaws have managed to keep their belts, for the time. I donít think they will be able to keep them, because they like Austin have had the belts too long, and if you donít change the champions, the show loses all of itís effect. Look at WCW, their champions arenít losing their belts for a while, except maybe Chris Jericho (that will be a sad day).
I want Raven!!!!!!! Why doesnít Raven ever fight? He is one of the best, most extreme wrestlers WCW has. Who else would fight with a kitchen sink? Not only that but fight someone he knew could kick his ass. The point of wrestling is to entertain and the WCW doing that. I watch wrestling because it is suppose to be unpredictable, or so it used to be. They have just lost all their charm. They need to give Riggs a push. He always
seems as though he is giving his all. Most wrestlers donít even do that. Hulk Hogan is set to fight Goldberg Monday, oh, joy! I canít figure out who is going to win. On one hand, they want to keep Goldberg on a winning streak. On the other hand, Hollywood is getting old so I would think they would try to humor him. Also, Goldberg already has one belt. I donít really care one way or another, I donít like either of them.
Monday is rumored to be the return of many people such as Scott Hall, Ultimate Warrior, and possibly **fingers crossed** Buff Bagwell. I suppose we will have to wait and see.
If anyone knows what Ravenís new theme music is, please email me it. I think it is 'Come as you are' by Nirvana. Thank you.

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