My Opinion: The One That Matters

By Miss Liz

Time for my monthly bitch-fest. I am very very pissed off at WCW. I bought their pay-per-view and I can say I am truly disappointed. The only good thing about it was that Raven came out for an 'unscheduled' match. He fought Chris Jericho for the TV title, even though at the begining he refused to fight because it wasnt previously scheduled. After that match, I have a lot more respect for Chris Jericho. He fought like he always fights under 'Ravens Rules.' It was pretty damn amusing. I will leave out the complete results from the pay-per-view because I am sure you will all read it, or see it somewhere else.
The WWFs story lines are getting better, such as them turning Shane McMahon against his father, rather genius. WCW needs to get Scott Levy to accually write, he has experience in doing it and he is extremly good at it.
Goldberg is still fucking champ. I have decided he will never lose the belt. It is there to taunt all of us, and pretend like there will one day be a new champion. And damn Scott Hall/Kevin Nash is getting annoying. Have Hall stay with ONE group, the same goes for Buff Bagwell. I guess that is all for this month
Love you all LIz

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