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Real Name: Robert Malley
Nick Name: None
Finisher: The Paralyzer
Information: Kurrgan made his debut as the impressive 7 foot monster of the now-disbanded Truth Commission. Alongside Sniper, Rekon, and the Jackyl they were a force to be reckoned with. However the Truth Commission soon disbanded, leaving Kurrgan the Interrogator managed by the Jackyl. However, Kurrgan failed to go anywhere and demonstrated little wrestling skills. The Jackyl eventually went on to form his Parade of Human Oddities, featuring Kurrgan and others. However the Oddities were unsuccessful, until they dropped the Jackyl and became associated with Sable. Since then Kurrgan has become a surprisingly popular fan favorite, dancing in the ring and slapping the fans hands. Kurrgan has finally found a way for people to be interested in him.
Getting funky at Summerslam


Real Name: John Tenta
Nick Name: None
Finisher: None
Information: Many fans probably remember Golga, as the monster known as Earthquake in the WWF many years ago. As Earthquake, Golga was always a main eventer, feuding with Hulk Hogan on numerous occasions. As that feud died down, Earthquake began to engage in several fights with the late Andre the Giant and soon after that, Jake the Snake Roberts. After being fairly successful as a singles competitor, Earthquake recruited Typhoon, formerly known as Tugboat. Earthquake and Typhoon were a very successful tag team under the guidance of Jimmy Hart. However after dumping Jimmy Hart, the Natural Disasters went on to become tag team champions, feuding with the Beverly Brothers and the Legion of Doom. The Natural Disasters faded out of the picture slowly, and people began to forget about them. Earthquake made two unsuccessful comebacks to the WWF, once feuding with Adam Bomb, and then feuding with Yokozuna. After this, he decided to move to WCW where he was known as Avalanche, where he returned to a feud with Hulk Hogan. After being unsuccessful with that, he became "The Shark" and finally, just went by his real name, John Tenta. Tenta accomplished nothing in WCW, and recently returned to the WWF, under a mask, as the South Park loving Golga.
Doing a little dancing

Giant Silva

Real Name: Paulo Silva
Nick Name: None
Finisher: Choke Slam
Information: Giant Silva is still a rookie in the WWF and has not had a long enough career to have had any big accomplishments. Silva was originally a basketball player, but was soon brought into the WWF. He was put right into the Human Oddities with Kurrgan. He is starting to make a name for himself, frequently tagging up with Kurrgan to make an impressive tag team.
With his hands in the air

George Steele

Real Name: George Steele
Nick Name: The Animal
Finisher: None
Information: Coming Soon...
Picture: Coming Soon...

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