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By Buzzkiller King

Hey, hey I'm back with another look at the current roster of the WWF. Last month I looked at such players as Kane, Undertaker, Austin, Mankind and Shamrock. This month I will look at some of the smaller guys. The guys who will be ruling the company one day, the midcarders.
I'll start with one of my favorite newcomers, Edge. Hell, let's take a look at all the members of the Brood. These gusy are amazing, plain and simple! I have never seen such a great combination of a highflyer and a mat wrestler than Edge. He's springboarding, he's leaping, he's kicking ass all over the place. Everyone looks at him and wonders how he got to be so great... well let me tell you. HE'S AN F'N CANADIAN! And everybody knows that Canadian athletes are the best! Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, Edge, Val Venis, the list goes on. Next in the Brood we have Gangrel. This guy is going to go far. He's may not do as much high flying,b ut he reminds me of Kanyon, how he is always coming up with new moves and looking good in the ring. As long as they stress the fact that he leads a "Gothic life" and make sure people understand he is NOT supposed to be a vampire. Despite his wicked entrance, he is supposed to only be a goth. Next is Christian. I don't know, but I think this guy is pretty cool. He has not proven himself much yet, but he has had some good matches with Taka, and he is a definitely solid highflyer. The Brood are fantastic.
Now let's move on. D'Lo Brown. Oh some people are gonna be upset with this one, but D'Lo is AWESOME! When he was in the Nation, yes he sucked, but when nobody was looking he went ahead and developed the hell out of his wrestling skills! The running powerbomb, the frog splash, the Sky Hi, he has one hell of an arsenal, lately. He's fun to watch too. All that head shaking and yelling "WHO SUCKS NOW!" not only puts him over as a heel, but makes him likeable as a face, for people like me who love the Rock. And recently he has been teaming with Mark Henry, which is a great move for Mark. This puts Mark beside someone who can help him out when the matc starts to suck. Henry's mic skills have been vastly improving,a nd his wrestling can only get better (believe me, it won't get worse). D'Lo and Mark Henry need to solidify their position as a tag team and win some gold!
I have only a few short things to say about X-Pac and Triple H. They are young, they are good wrestlers, and they will only be getting better. Everybody knows Triple H will be a main eventer very soon. Everybody knows that X-Pac is one of the best young, small athletes int he world. And I'd have to agree with both of those opinions. These DX boys are the future.
Last but not least we have Val Venis. When he first debuted he was a little stiff and a little awkward, but oh how things have changed. Out of all the guys I have mentioned here, I think Val has the most potential. The Big Valbowski has it all! Charisma, mic skills, can be over as a face or a heel, and is a great wrestler. He's is one of the best pure athletes in WCW or the WWF. The only guy I think might have as big of a future as Val is Billy Gunn. But that's for another day!
Next month, I have no clue what I'll write about. Maybe a bit about WCW? I'm not sure. But until then, I am still the King of Buzzkiller-Land.

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