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Ric Flair

Real Name: Richaird Fleihr
Nick Name: The Nature Boy
Finisher: Figure-Four Leglock
Information: There is probably nobody who has accomplished as much as Ric Flair has. Very few people deserve to call themselves an Icon, but Ric Flair is as close to an Icon as you will ever get. He is a 7 time NWA World champion, a 4 time WCW World champion, a 2 time WWF Wolrd champion, a 3 time NWA tag champion, a 1 time WCW US champion, a 5 time NWA US champion, a 1 time NWA Mid-Atlantic champion, a 3 time NWA Mid-Atlantic tag champion, and a 2 time NWA Mid-Atlantic TV champion. Ric Flair has been wrestler of the year 6 times, has been PWI wrestler of the decade, has been in 4 PWI matches of the year, has been most hated wrestler twice, and was rookie of the year in 1975. Ric's achivements go on and on and on. To fully detail Ric's career on this page would be impossible. I would have to have a whole new website to do that! Ric has been a wrestler for near 20 years and has been in hundreds of feuds and thousands of matches, and I can't detail all of that. The main point of Flair's career is that he was a Horseman. He has almost always been one of the Four Horsemen. Many say Ric Flair was the one who made the Four Horsemen, and those people are probably right!
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Chris Benoit

Real Name: Christopher Benoit
Nick Name: The Crippler
Finisher: Crippler Crossface
Information: Like many Western Canadian wrestlers, Chris Benoit began his career under Stu Hart's training in the infamous Hart Family Dungeon. He started out in Stampede Wrestling and even breifly made an appearance in the WWF under a mask, known as Wild Pegasus or Pegasus Kid. He spent a lot of time wrestling against or with OWen Hart, or as he was known then, the Blue Blazer. From Stampede Wrestling, Chris joined ECW. In ECW he began to gain a lot of respect, earning him the nickname "The Canadian Crippler". After a fairly long stay in ECW, Benoit was signed by WCW. He almost immediately became a Horsemen along with Brian Pillman, Ric Flair, and Arn Anderson. During this time he was engaged in a long, drawn out feud with Kevin Sullivan and eventually took Woman as his valet. When the Horsemen disbanded, Benoit continued wrestling in WCW. He entered a feud with Booker T that involved in a series of TV title matches. Chris was out of action for awhile after recieveing an injury, but has since returned to action once again with the Four Horsemen.
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Steve McMichael

Real Name: Steven McMichael
Nick Name: Mongo
Finisher: The Mongo Spike
Information: Steve McMichael is probably most noted for his time as a Chicago Bear, but he has since accomplished a lot in WCW. He first entered WCW as an announcer. He slowly began to become a full time wrestler, alongside his valet Queen Debra McMichael. He won most of his matches by hitting his opponents with a briefcase. During this time, Ric Flair was beginning to harass Mongo's valet, Debra, which began a feud between Mongo and the Horsemen. This feud, would end with Mongo turning on his partner, Kevin Greene, and becoming a Horseman. Since then, Mongo briefly feuded with Jeff Jarrett, and has been a Horseman ever since.
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Dean Malenko

Real Name: Dean Simon
Nick Name: The Iceman, The Man of 1000 Holds
Finisher: Texas Cloverleaf
Information: Dean Malenko has no flashy gimmick, doesn't talk much, but is one of the most efficient and talented wrestlers in the world. He gained most of his skill in Japan, as many wresters do. He spent a lot of his career in a tag team with his brother, Joe Malenko, but when Dean and Joe's father passed away, Joe retired. Dean began getting recognition as a solo competitor for his work in ECW and in Japan. He has since signed with WCW and has been in hot feuds with Chris Jericho and Syxx. He has been a contender for the cruiserweight title, winning it on more than one occasion. When there became a time when it looked possible that the Horsemen would reform, Dean was lobbying for a spot on the team. He got the spot, that many feel was well deserved, and has been very successful since.
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Arn Anderson

Real Name: Martin Lunde
Nick Name: The Enforcer, Double A
Finisher: N\A
Information: Like Ric Flair, Arn Anderson has a history that would take much too long to detail right here. He has been a Southeast tag champion 4 times, a Georgia tag champion, a WCW\NWA TV champion 4 times, NWA tag champion twice, a WWF tag champion, and WCW tag champion 3 times. He has been the winner of WCW Wargames and was voted as a member of the Tag Team of the year by PWI in 1989 and 1991. He began wrestling in 1982, and as members of the Wrecking Crew, the Four Horsemen, and the Dangerous Alliance, Arn was almost always successful. Unfortunately, in 1997 Arn underwent surgery which led to his retirement from the ring. Despite being inable to wrestle, he was the key behind the return of the Four Horsemen.
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Past Members

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