Top 10 Wrestlers
...The best of the best, the cream of the crop!

5.Chris Jericho - Lionheart is great! He's WCW's version of the Rock, although not quite as funny. He's close though! His interviews crack me up, and he's a talented wrestler too! His moves always impress me! If he went to the WWF he would be even more successful, though.

4.D'Lo Brown - D'Lo has become one of the best superstars the WWF has to offer! The cokcy attitue, the head swivel, along with a fantastic ability to actually wrestle, D'Lo is gonna be a star sometime soon! Who sucks now?!

3.The Rock - How can you not love the Rock? He is hilarious! Everytime he is on the mic, he makes me laugh. He's a really creative guy and a fantastic heel! Plus he's a solid athlete. The Maivia Hurricane is one of my favorite moves. And how can you not like the Corporate Elbow?

2.Chris Benoit - Chris Benoit is simply the best. That's all their is to it. He's got it all! He can fly, he can brawl, he wrestle, he can do anything. He is the best all around athlete I've ever seen. And hey, he's a Canadian! Now if only he could get a title.

1.Mick Foley - Nobody has a personality like Mick Foley. Whether he's Dude Love, Mankind, or my personal favorite, Cactus Jack, I guarantee he'll entertain you. This is a guy who dove 15 feet off a steel cage through a table, to enetertain the fans. All that and he's a really nice guy in real life! This enough to make Mick #1 in my book!

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