Top 5 Tag Teams
...So few good teams to choose from, this list was hard!

5.Benoit & Malenko - Normally, by putting two of my favorite, extremely talented wrestlers together, they'd be right at the top. But this is WCW. They haven't been given a strong enough push, but they still kick some real ass.

4.The Outsiders - They rarely wrestle together, but when they do, it doesn't get much better than the Outsiders. Are they fantastic wrestlers? No, not really. It's all about the charisma. These two guys just really click (but they'd be way better in the WWF!)

3.D'Lo & Mark Henry - Now this is a team! I wish they would team up more often. I think D'Lo is great, personality, and in-ring talent. I love his running Liger-Bomb. And Mark Henry is improving a bit in the ring, but it's the "Sexual Chocolate" bit, I like. It's hilarious!

2.The Acolytes - Faarooq and Bradshaw have been having problems getting anywhere, but this tag team is going to go far, if they let it last. With a new vicious attitude, and powerbombs all over the place, it's the easy way to success! These guys will be a great team!

1.The Brood - Doesn't matter who is teaming up, any pairing of Gangrel, Edge, and Christian is going to be awesome. These are three young guys with tons of talent. You know it'll be a high flying exciting match when the Brood is out!

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