Top 5 Finishers
...The deadliest and best looking finishing moves!

5.Evenflow DDT - Call me old fasioned, but I really like watching the DDT. It's one of those moves that I could watch over and over and not really get tired of. It looks cool and it looks like it hurts, and Raven does it better than anyone. It's a good move for Raven, it suits him.

4.Saturn's Death Valley Driver - Yes I've seen other wrestlers do a Death Valley Driver, but in my opinion, Saturn does it the best. The move fits Saturn a lot, and he does it perfectly. In reality, it's just a variation of Michinoku Driver, but it looks pretty damn cool!

3.Sweet Chin Music - Nobody can deliver a superkick like the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. This is one of those moves that can come out of nowhere and does't require much of a setup. That's is part of it's coolness. And of course, it looks awesome when delivered.

2.The 'Lo Down - You better recognize that D'Lo rules! His frogsplash is good enough to possibly even rival that of Eddy Guererro. if you've ever watched the replay, D'Lo gets some serious elevation and extends his arm all the way to his feet for some real impact. It looks awesome, especially from a big guy like D'Lo.

1.The Rock Bottom - The best way to lay the smack down on a jabroni is with the Rock Bottom. I know it's just a basic slam, but the Rock puts something into it that justs make it the best finishing move in pro wrestling. Call me a mark, I don't care but I think it's cool!

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