Top 5 Announcers
...Tony Schiavone will never make this list!

5.Kevin Kelly - Kelly has a future, if nothing else. I admit, he isn't that great right now. But every so often he really shows that he can be a great heel, when the situation arises. When Lawler and JR retire, Kevin may be a good guy to take their place.

4."Iron" Mike Tenay - No, I don't like listening to Mike at all. I find him totally annoying. But, I have to give him respect, in that he knows what he is doing. When Tony is rambling on about the "biggest event in the history of our sport", Mike can call all the moves, and always has some facts about the wrestlers.

3.Bobby "The Brain" Heenan - Bobby Heenan is the only WCW announcer that I actually like. All his little jokes are usually pretty funny, and he adds a much needed personality to the announcing booth. He's not as good as he used to be when he was a heel, but I still like "The Brain".

2.Jerry "The King" Lawler - Sure, Lawler may not be great at calling the match, but he is hilarious! I would tune into Raw just to hear Lawler go crazy whenever Sable is around. His humor adds something to Raw that Nitro is severely lacking.

1.Jim Ross - The best damn announcer in the world, no question about it. He doesn't spend two hours hyping the main event, and he never screws up names of moves. He is like the exact opposite of Tony Schiavone! Nobody can call a match quite like good ol' JR! It wouldn't be RAW without him.

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