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WCW: Starrcade

For Starrcade, supposedly WCW's big one, I was pretty disapointed. The cruiser matches were great, the main event was good, but the rest of it just sucked.

Kidman vs. Rey Jr vs. Juventud Three of my favorite cruisers in WCW so I couldn't complain about this one. Lots of excellent high flying and spectacular moves from everybody involved. These guys work their asses off every night and deserve tons of credit. There was lots of rotation. Some expected Rey and Kidman to team up the whole match, but that wasn't the case at all. Kidman won when Eddy Guererro interfered.

Kidman vs. Eddy Guererro This boosted my respect for Kidman up quite a few notches. He didn't slack off at all, through both these matches, he put all of his effort into it. Eddy is one of my favorites, and I was sort of hoping he'd win. He did a nice powerbomb into a pin, and missed the Frogsplash. After an excellent match, Kidman ended up winning with a Shooting Star Press. Great job by both guys.

Norman Smiley vs. Prince Iaukea Why the hell did I pay $30 to watch this?? This is a Saturday Night match, not a Starrcade match. It was extremely boring. Smiley won with his stupid little chicken wing.

Saturn vs. Ernest Miller Newsflash Miller! People aren't booing you because you're a good heel, they're booing you because you suck and you're boring. Poor Saturn, but at least he's not jobbing to the Cat. He won with a Death Valley Driver.

Brian Adams & Scott Norton vs. Fit Finaly & Jerry Flynn Jerry Flynn is on Starrcade? WTF?! Norton is not the best worker in the world, but just by beeing a powerhouse and plowing through everyone, he made the match watchable. If nothing else Norton's powerbomb is awesome. He holds on until just before the guy hits the mat... unlike Nash who picks him up and drops him. Norton wins with the powerbomb.

Konnan vs. Chris Jericho The only postivie aspect I can see out of Jericho doing a clean job to Konnan, is that he might be leaving WCW, and hopefully to the WWF. It's hard to work a decent match with Konnan, but Jericho did a decent job, nevertheless. Jericho submitted to the Tequila Sunrise. Why do people like Konnan? Is it the catch phrases? It can't be his wrestling...

Eric Bischoff vs. Ric Flair Ric, it's time to hang up the wrestling trunks. The time to be an active wrestler is over, I think. Stay on the sidelines, please. And Bischoff, you're no better. Match ended when Curt Hennig gave Bischoff brass knuckles to knock out the Nature Boy, and Bitchoff wins.

DDP vs. The Giant Ugh! Let's hear some more "Over-Rated" chants, when we see DDP people. Giant works DDP, DDP "amazingly" comes back and hits a top rope Diamon Cutter. Yippee. Go to Titan-Land, Giant.

Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg Obviously WCW did a decent job hyping this match, because this has been the first time I've ever been interested in a Goldberg match. Yes, the match itself was boring and slow moving. Yes it had pointless Bam Bam Bigelow and Disco Inferon, run-ins. But YES, GOLDBERG LOST! Scott Hall comes out and uses a stun gun on Goldberg, Goldberg walks right into a Nash-Bomb, and 1-2-3, Goldberg is 173-1 ! Yeehaw! It's about damn time. I don't care how much the match stunk, I marked out with the rest of the world when Goldberg finally lost!

Good cruiser matches, nice ending, craptacular middle. Just because I am so happy to see Goldberg lose, I'll give it 6\10. It didn't REALLY deserve it though.

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