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WCW: Slamboree

Not a bad Pay per View, WCW is getting better with originality. Although the wrestling was good, all the wrong people won their matches. I spent a lot of the time fighting with my friend about why Hogan sucks, so some matches I didn't pay much attention.

Chris Benoit vs. Dave "Fit" Finley Before this match, the only plus side I could see of having Finley as the TV champion is that it'd be an easy way to give Benoit a belt! With WCW's huge talent roster, there's no other reason why Fit should be champion. The match was all right, I was excited about my man Benoit finally getting the belt. And then down comes Booker T to the ring. He distracts Benoit, and Finley sneaks up from behind. He hits Benoit with a tombstone and keeps the title. Why, oh why? What did benoit do to Bischoff to deserve this? Benoit jobbing to Finley. This has just dropped the rating of this pay per view by a lot. Off to a bad start here...

Cruiserweight Battle Royal Chris Jericho comes out and introduces every contestant, pretty much insulting and mocking them. Some of the people included Juventud, Kidman, Marty Janetty, Chavo Guererro, Psycosis and other luchadores. It didn't last long ending up with Juvy and a masked man. Juvy shakes the masked man's hand and eliminates himself. Byt this point it's fairly obvious who it is. The guy takes off his mask and wow! It's Dean Malenko!

Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko After all this I have a hard time seeing Malenko lose to Jericho. I had a hard time deciding who to chear for. Jericho's a favorite but Malenko is the first wrestler I started liking when I began watching WCW. Anyway a few Liontamer reversals, and then Malenko gets Jericho in the Texas Cloverleaf. Chris almost got to the ropes but Dean pulled him away and sat back even farther on Jericho. Jericho submitted giving Dean Malenko the Cruiserweight title.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven In a steel cage with weapons all over the place, the loser is the one who can't answer the ten count. A decent brawl with Flock members interfering. Raven gave DDP an Evenflow DDP and a Diamond Cutter but DDP got up both times. Then Raven gets Diamomd Cutted and loses. Afterwards one of Raven's bodyguards came out and handcuffed all of the Flock members to the cage. he beats up Raven only to take off his helmet. It's Mortis! Then Mortis takes off his mask to reveal he was the vendor who hit Hammer and Saturn with the beer tray. Yippy skippy for Mortis. I would really like to see Raven beat up DDP BADLY sometime soon!

Eddie Guererro vs. Ultimo Dragon Really good match but I spent most of it arguing about why Hogan sucks with my friend. From what I saw, Eddy missed his frogsplash, but then reversed the Dragon Sleeper, knocked Ultimo down and hit the splash. Eddie won! But if Ultimo would have won, Chavo would not have been under Eddie's control. But the Dragon lost. So Cahvo started beating up the Dragon for losing, and Eddie had to pull him off. Eddie tried to get Chavo to punch him in the face, but instead Chavo kissed him and they left together.

Lex Luger vs. Bryan Adams Oh come on, who cares! I didn't watch this match, because it was too boring. But I saw Lex get the Rack on Adams for the submission win. Hurray for Lexy.

Goldberg vs. Saturn I give Goldberg credit. He keeps improving. Where as Hogan is content only knowing three moves for his whole career, Goldberg learns and tries new things. He did a perfect belly to belly suplex, and of course Jackhammered Saturn to win. These two guys work surprisingly well with each other! But I am not going soft or anything. Goldberg still really sucks.

Bret Hart vs. Randy Savage A pretty average match. They need to give Bret some better opponents. Roddy Piper was the referee and that came into play, but not in a way you couldn't predict. Hart hit Piper from behind, but Piper thought it was Savage. Piper was about to disqualify him, but at this time Savage was tapping out of the Sharpshooter so it didn't matter. I think Hogan came to help Bret at some point. Decent match.

The Outsiders vs. Sting & The Giant It sure is nice to see Scott back in action! This match didn't go on for long. Nash was setting up the powerbomb when someone hits from behind with a belt. No not who you expect! Scott Hall! In a way it sucks, because the Outsiders are now gone, but it sets up an entertaining Hall vs. Nash scenario. Anyway, Giant and Sting win the titles, and Dusty Rhodes and Scott Hall join NWO Hollywood. Interesting!

Overall it was pretty good, but then I look at Benoit jobbing to Fit Finley. Overall I think this was average, nothing super. I give it 6.5\10

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