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May 18 1998

A pretty good Raw. I was hoping for some surprises, but there weren't any. To make up for it we had some good wrestling. A lot of time was spent hyping Over the Edge.

Vince McMahon Interview McMahon comes out with Brisco and Patterson as always and said the usual stuff. I hope they don't drag this out too long. Let's have Austin vs. McMahon and have it soon! Vince goes on to say Stone Cold has been barred from the arena (yeah right!) Out comes Dustin Runnels and he's mad at Vince. Vince says if he can beat Dude Love tonight, Dustin will be the No. 1 contender for the title. But if he loses he works 30 days without pay.

Jerry Lawler segments Lawler is bringing in some guy with a towel on his head as a bodyguard. I think it's kind of obvious that it's Al Snow. Not that I'm complaining because I love Al and want to see more of him. I hope he gets a good role in the WWF.

Val Venis vs. Too Cold Scorpio What an entrance Val made! I couldn't believe what a reaction he got. Ok, so he can make a good entrance and do the Rick Rude hip swivel, but can he wrestle? The match seemed a little awkward at the beginning but Val managed to get back on track. He's new, so you have to give him time. He has a lot of potential. Anyway after a nice splash, Venis gets the win.

Steve Austin Interview Austin beats up some guard to get in the ring. He does an interview, challenging McMahon, Brisco and Patterson to a match. McMahon accepts, saying 2 out of the 3 of them will gith Austin. I have a hard time getting excited about this. I think they're starting to overdo this angle.

Terry Funk vs. Marc Mero Mero has a contract saying Sable has to be his manager or he'll sue her. Who cares? Funk kicked out of a low blow, and Mero TKO'd him but Sable distracted the ref. While Marc argued with Sable, Funk hit a DDT and pinned him. The Sable\Mero thing is old too. I say let Mero build a career on his own. He's a talented guy and is even championship material.

Chainz & Skull vs. LOD 2000 I don't know what the point of this feud is. The LOD come back witht he new look and are expected to take the titles immediately. And what happens? They end up facing jobbers, and losing to them! I don't know what the WWF bookers are on sometimes... anyway Skull switched places with 8-Ball getting a pin on Animal.

Dude Love vs. Dustin Runnels I like both these guys, but I don't think either one of them should be in the McMahon\Austin angle. I'd like to see Mick turn into Mankind again and beat up everyone. Anyway Dustin submitted to the mandible claw.

Kaientai vs. Headbangers I definitely like Kaientai and I hope that the WWF utilizes them well. Hopefully getting the Lightweight title scene moving along? Great teamwork Kaientai until Bradshaw and Taka ran in to help the Headbangers. I hope this is going somewhere. I think it might work.

The Rock & Owen Hart vs. New Age Outlaws The Rock and Owen are a great tag team. I hope Owen stays with the Rock and the Nation because these two could be tag team title contenders, easily. I just hope it happens. I smell what the Rock's cookingand it's good wrestling. Great match by both excpet Faarooq interfered giving the NAO the win. This match alone gets a 9\10 ! It would have been higher if there was no interference.

Kane & Paul Bearer Interview DNA tests prove that Kane is really Paul Bearer's son, so Undertaker runs in, and then Vader runs in and this angle sucks. Let it end soon.

Stone Cold vs. Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco A main event with no potential and it lived up to it too. Dude Love helped out, McMahon helped out and it was a boring match.

Although we had some good matches, we also had pointless McMahon\Austin stuff. Overall I know Raw can do better and I hope they aren't slacking off because of a few wins in the ratins. I give this Raw 7\10

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