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May 4 1998

Raw puts on yet another very solid show, despite being taped. I think they've been trying extra hard to get that little bit more to win the ratings, henceforth putting on a better show!

The Love Shack Mick Foley comes out and basically says he doesn't want to be Dude Love. Out comes McMahon saying he should beat Terry Funk within an inch of his life to prove he is worthy of a title shot. Interesting...

Owen Hart & The Rock vs. Faarooq & Steve Blackman I said before that I'd love to see the Rock and Owen team up. Well now they have! This was a good match in my opinion, and both teams worked together quite well. Jeff Jarrett interfered causing Blackman to be pinned. I'm surprised the WWF has carried out Jarrett\Blackman, but it's working well.

Dan Severn vs. Savio Vega Another obvious match to help get Dan over. I definitely think the Beast has potential but he kind of needs Jim Cornette (who was not present).

Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer The camera was left on by "accident" while Bearer gets into the details about being Kane's dad. Entertaining I suppose, but really really stupid!

Marc Mero vs. Jeff Jarrett Now this could have been a good match, but no! Steve Blackman has to get revenge.

8 Ball\Skull & LOD 2000 vs. Triple H\Chyna & New Age Outlaws Four man tags suck, except on rare occasions or Survivor Series formats. Originally X-Pac was scheduled to fight but instead Chyna did! She was pretty good to, executing a hurricanrana. LOD and Skull\8Ball ended up fighting while DX laughed at them. Pointless match. I don't like the LOD much.

Goldust vs. Kane Bad match, ended witht he Undertaker interfering, surprise, surprise. Jim Ross suggested that perhaps having Goldust face Kane is McMahon's punishment for when Goldust failed to beat Austin. I suggest bad booking!

Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk The former tag team partners (as Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie) brawl all over the place. TSN screwed up, I think they cut out the beginning of the match and various parts in the middle because the match didn't make sense. Steve Austin was guest commentator and Pat Patterson guest referee. I like the McMahon\Austin\Foley thing. It definitely is working. Foley won with a piledriver to the chair to Terry, and kept beating on him even after he won. It ended with Mick turning back into Dude Love. He began dancing with McMahon to Dude's music. This has definitely been an interesting been interesting, all though the actual match wasn't great.

A good Raw as usual, although I think it could have been better. TSN's screwy editing didn't help the matter at all, but I still give it 7.5\10

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