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April 27 1998

Wow, as usual Raw follows up pretty good to the Unforgiven Pay Per View.

Owen Hart & Ken Shamrock vs. Mark Henry & The Rock Right off the bat, a surprise! The match seems to start, when Owen turns around and starts beating up Shamrock! All right! Finally, Owen is a bad guy again. He is so much better this way. Him and the Rock would make a great tag team if you ask me.

The Love Shack The Dude comes out again, this time with two half naked women. Mostly he talked about Unforgiven. Yawn.

Headbangers vs. Too Cold & Terry Funk This match wasn't as good as it could have been, because both teams are great. It was basically just a big spot fest, making both teams look pretty bad. They brawled outside, and I don't think either team won. Why is this match even happening?

Jeff Jarrett vs. Bradshaw I think Jeff is fairly talented and I like Bradshaw, so for awhile this was a decent match. Klub Kamikaze ran in however, and broke it up, beating up Bradshaw again. Taka came to help, but to no avail. Again, this leaves us asking... why?

DX Invasion I think this is what made the whole show. Since Raw and Nitro were nearby, DX jumped on a tank and went over and made fun of them. Very amusing! I really like DX but I only wish Shawn Michaels was back with them.

New Age Outlaws vs. Skull & 8 Ball An alright match, but surprised everyone with a DOA win. But it was a non-title match. There's something building out of these DOA\DX confrontations. Possibly a Chainz jump to DX?

Undertaker vs. Barry Windham This match was about 45 seconds, of course won by the Undertaker. Afterwards Paul Bearer claimed that Kane is his son. I'll let you put two and two together on that one. This angle is getting stupipder by the day. I'll put up with it, though.

HHH vs. Dan Severn HHH comes out saying he'll fight anyone. A DOA member comes out but is pushed aside by Dan Severn! Now this I'd pay to see! Jim Cornette tries to prevent him from fighting and even salps Severn in the face. So Severn gets psycho and puts his submission on Cornette. Dang, I would've liked to see HHH\Severn.

Sable Interview She challenges the Marvelous one, Marc Mero to a match! Well I'll see how they develpope this before I call it stupid.

Steve Austin vs. Goldust Vince appointed his pal Jerry Brisco as referee in an attempt to "screw" Stone Cold. Surprisingly enough, this was quite a good match! McMahon accidently hit Brisco with the title belt, and the show ended there.

There weren't that many good matches and the interviews were nothing special, but this live Raw flowed pretty well. Something about it left me thinking, "That was a good Raw". Plus the DX Invasion and the Owen turn were fantastic. I give it 8\10

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