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April 20 1998

Yet another good Raw, though most of it was spent hyping Unforgiven, which I have to say is looking pretty good.

The Love Shack It's nice to see another one of Mick's peronas. I was getting bored of Cactus. McMahon fines the Dude for what he did last week.

Faarooq vs. Kama in a street fight match. Somewhat boring but it helped Faarooq to get over as a good guy. Faarooq wins.

Dan Severn vs. Mosh of the Headbangers. Yeah right, I wonder who's going to win. I'm liking Severn so far, but he hasn't faced any real competition. of course Severn destroyed Mosh.

TAFKA Goldust vs. Bradshaw I like Bradshaw for some reason. This match was alright and ended in a DQ when Klub Kamikaze jumped Bradshaw. Maybe because they're mad because Bradshaw acts like Stan Hansen. And then Luna rants about how she's going to beat Sable. Luna is so annoying. Goldust is cool, but get rid of Luna!

Too Cold & Terry Funk vs. The Midnight Express Too Cold is the best! About time he got rid of that stupid Flash Funk thing. I thought the Midnight Express had potential but so far they have really sucked.

HHH & The New Age Outlaws vs. Owen Hart & The LOD 2000 This match sucked. I think I hate all 6 man tag matches. And what has Vince done to poor Owen?? Owen was my favorite wrestler! After the Bret Hart thing Owen came in with a new look and a bad atttiude. Now he's acting like the Rocket again!

Dude Love vs. Steve Blackman Blackman is the future of the WWF. I bet few people agree with me, but trust me, I'm right! And of course, I like the Dude a lot. Vince made the timekeep ring the bell even though Blackmand idn't give up, a parody of the Bret Hart thing, and Steve Austin came out and beat people up.

A decent Raw, despite the fact that it was taped, and spent the majority of the show hyping Unforgiven. I give it a 7\10. I think it could've been better.

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