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December 15 1998

Following a mediocre at best PPV (Rock Bottom), I didn't expect the WWF to have a fantastic show. But it was! I've said it before and I'll say it again, the WWF gets 100 times better every week.

Corporation Parody DX was hilarious when they did their parody of the Nation a few months back. Granted this one wasn't as good, but it was still funny. HHH as the Rock, X-Pac as Shamrock, Chyna as the Bossman, Road Dog as Vince, Bad Ass as Shane, and Jason Sensation as HBK. They spent a little too much time on "sphincters" and immature wordplay, and not enough time on creativity. I was a little bit dissapointed, but it was still good. Then the Rock came down and provided us all with the real funniest line of the night! Hats off to the Rock for one of the best speeches in recent memory. Hilarious and creative stuff! I just want to say that the Corporation is the best damn stable in wrestling since the glory days (ie Syxx) of the NWO.

Christian & Edge vs. Val Venis & The Godfather The Godfather is a great gimmick but it was just going nowhere. Finally he has some direction with Val Venis, and I can honestly say these guys are great together. Kama has developed a suprising amount of charisma, but he leaves most of the wrestling to Val which is a good thing. And of course, I have no bad things to say about the Brood. I really like Christian and I think the fans really appreciate these guys. Val won the match with a fisherman suplex, better than Hennig could do on his best day. Afterwards, I think we heard Gangrel speak for the first time! Briefy, but it was there.

Blue Blazer vs. Goldust Not a bad match. I sort of felt sorry for the Blazer when he severely screwed up a move and the crowd went nuts laughing at him. Poor guy! Anyway, good match, nothing fantastic. Jarrett ran down as Goldust was about to shatter the Blazer's dreams, and then Blackmen came down and took off the Blazer's mask, to reveal Owen Hart. Why? This is sort of anticlimatic considering that we've seen Owen and the Blazer together many times before. Hopefully something developes out of this, because this angle could be going somewhere.

Mark Henry & D'Lo vs. Bob Holly & Scoprio I think I have this figured out. WWF is pretty much building Mark Henry up to be Chef from South Park! Look at him! Sexual Chocolate? It's working though. Before I only tolerated Mark Henry, but he's got something going here. I think this character of his is just hilarious! Of course, I like D'Lo too. Scorpio nailed some wicked looking moves off the top rope, and Bob Holly is proving he's a good wrestler too. I'm very impressed. The Job Squad is a great way for these guys to showcase the fact that they have a lot of talent! Jacky nailed Bob Holly with a top rope dropkick, allowing Mizark an easy win.

New Age Outlaws vs. Bossman & Shamrock Dammit Billy, turn heel. Everyone wants it, and you have to do it. Road Dog could be with DX forever as long as he does his little intro and still have a tremendous amount of crowd support. He don't need you!! Anyway decent match, Billy sold his knee pretty well. It was nice to see some diversity for a change. Shammy & Bossman won after a hit with a nightstick and Billy is unconscious. As much as I'd love to see new tag team champions, this won't last. Last night at Rock Bottom Vince strips Mankind's title because the Rock was unconcious, he never tapped out. Blah. Every week I wait to see Billy just nail Road Dog with a chair, but it just won't happen. Billy, you could be a star in the Corporation!

Royal Rumble Drawing Funny bit with Vince and Shane, but nothing spectacular. When Shane went on his little tirade about how he was going to introduce the only guy who could save the "Dubbya See Dubbya", I admit they had me fooled. I was expecting someone to come out. There's nothing I like seeing better than WCW guys walk through a WWF curtain. I'll never forget Syxx's return home to WWF! Vince, you got to stop teasing us. Sign some of the guys rumored to be leaving! Jericho, BENOIT, Guererro, BENOIT, the Giant, BENOIT, Public Enemy, BENOIT. Maybe even Chris BENOIT?? Hehe, sorry, I'm a Benoit and a WWF mark, and the combination is a deadly one!

Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve Blackman These guys are young and have a lot of talent. And one of them has a valet who likes to take her clothes off. Vince, you got yourself a win win situation right here! Blackman is improving all the time and Jarrett is finally finding a role that suits him. Double J wins with interference from Owen.

Gangrel vs. Tiger Ali Singh Tiger comes out, likes go off, Brood comes out, lights go on, Tiger covered in blood. Okaaaaaaay. The Brood are over, Tiger is not (it's still early). I don't think having the Brood dine on Tiger is the way to rectify this problem.

Mankind vs. Vinny Mac It was supposed to be Mankind vs, Kane, but that didn't last. Mankind and Vince brawled out back for awhile. The Rock came and interfered and gave Mick a rather sweet looking Rock Bottom on top of a car. Keen!

The Rock vs. Triple H What's the perfect way to elevate HHH to main event status? Reignite the feud he had with the Rock when the Rock was only IC champ! This was a great match, like we have seen many times over int he past. When the match has you wondering who will really win, and the suspense starts getting to you, you know the WWF is doing a good job. I've never enjoyed a flat out wrestling match this much since the Rock vs. Austin a month back. The Rock hit a really nice DDT and Triple H was doing some nice work as well. I was impressed by both guys. It ended when some new guy came in and gave Triple H the Meltdown, giving the Rock the win. I hear he's Canadian, so he must be star quality! Personally, I think he has the look to fit in with the Brood, but obviously the VinMan has biggre plans, by putting him in the Corporation.

This was a damn good Raw! Only thing that could have made it better was JR. No offense to Michael Cole, but you can't replace good ol JR. Get better soon, Jim! We all miss you. I am deducting half a point for the lack of Jim Ross, so this Raw gets an ass kicking 9.5\10 on the Buzzkiller scale!

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