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November 16 1998

The night after Survivor Series! Oh yeah, baby! I knew this one would be fantastic, and I sure as hell was not disapointed!

The Rock Our newly crowned CORPORATE CHAMPION! Come on people, admit it. You like the Rock twenty times more now that he is a monster heel again! I sure do! Here comes the Rock I know and grew to love. Expensive shirt, gold chain, insulting the crowd. I love it. The Rock is my number one WWF wrestler, once again! He does a great interview, with some great bits by Shane and Vince as well. The Rock reviews the last few weeks. I laughed my ass off at the "Corporate Eyebrow" and the "Corporate Elbow" bits. Uh oh here comes Austin. He says the Rock has to wrestle him tonight! Yay, that will be a great match!

X-Pac & New Age Outlaws vs. Kurrgan Golga & Silva I'm not sure exactly why this match is taking place, but I won't complain. I think a feud is developing between ICP and the Oddities, because Shaggy 2 Dope hit Golga with an elbow off the top rope. Everybody stands around looking confused as Billy Gunn wins with a piledriver. Headbangers attack the Outlaws in the aisle. I hope the Headbangers beat the Outlaws, preferably due to Billy Gunn turning on the Road Dog.

Shamrock Bit He challened Bossman to an IC title match. Keen!

Val Venis vs. Mark Henry Out comes D'Lo with Henry! I'm really starting to find D'Lo hilarious... and he sure has provent hat he can wrestle with the best. D'Lo's gonna be a superstar. Out comes Chyna with her face surgery done. She looks a lot different, but I couldn't tell from that angle. Mark asks her out on a date "No sex involved!" What a nice gesture on Henry's part! Pretty funny segment. Val rolls Mark up for the win. Mark Henry reads a poem to Chyna which reduces D'Lo to tears. Henry and D'Lo hug. Awww! This is hilarious. I love the WWF so much!

Goldust & Steve Blackman vs. Jeff Jarrett & Dan Severn I admit, the Blue Blazer has intrigued me. There have been so many predictions.. I have no idea who it is, to be honest. The match doesn't go on long. Blackman, who was looking great in the ring, won with a kick, while Goldust and Jarrett brawled. After the match, Owen runs down and Owen, Jeff, and the Blazer beat up Blackman. Hmmm, I'm really curious. Best I can think of is Dan Severn, but it didn't really look like Dan.

The Godfather vs. Steve Regal This must have been a pretty raunchy interview, because every 5 seconds TSN was cutting away and bleeping stuff out. I have no idea what happened. I saw Regal go away witht eh ho's, Godfather says something, and then Regal and him brawl. Huh? No clue what's going on... I love the Godfather's gimmick and his music though!

Ken Shamrock vs. Big Bossman After a bit of brawling McMahon comes down and invites Ken to join his corporation, and Ken accepts! This keeps getting better! Vince has a good thing going. I can't decide what I like better. CWO (Corporate World Order) or VWO (Vince's World Order). I am liking this a lot though!

Gangrel & Edge vs. LOD 2000 Droz really breathes new life into the LOD. And I can't express how much I like the Brood! These guys are not only fanastic singles wrestler, but I have never seen a team work as well together as these three guys! The match ends by countout when we see Hawk threatening sucicide by jumping off the Titan Tron. Droz goes up to help, and ends up pushing Hawk off. It's touchy, it's cutting edge, it's definitely WWF material. We'll see how this developes, I guess.

Sable Interview She begins to talk for awhile when Shane comes out and claims that Vince made Sable. Interesting... it looks like the Corporate World Order needs a female! May I suggest... Chyna?

Stooges Look For Mankind This was another great segment. The 3 Stooges (Brisco, Patterson, Slaughter) really do a good job at comic relief. Them all dressing up in football helmets to look for Mankind was pretty damn funny! Especially when they get lost and go back to Vince for help! Good stuff!

The Rock vs. Steve Austin Lots of action outside the ring, but I was focusing on Austin and The Rock. What a great match! These two really did great together! I couldn't help but mark out when the Rock gave Austin the Corporate Elbow. It was fast paced, but with lots of interferece. Austin hits the stunner, but Shamrock pulls the ref out. Then the Undertaker nails Austin with a shovel and the Rock wins by DQ! Yeeeehaw! Still the champ!

Wow, what a great Raw! Tons of action, surprises, and excitement. And everybody know, that is my main criteria! This Raw as great and deserves the 9\10 on the Buzzkiller scale!

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