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January 11 1999

I have to admit, I was a little dissapointed in this Raw. Sure it was good as always, but it just seem to be lacking something.

Mankind\Austin\Vince\Rock We started off Raw with a fairly big segment, the main players being Austin, The Rock, Mankind & Vinny Mac. I have to say it was one of the best interviews I've seen from all four guys in a long time. And I really like seeing Mick Foley with that world title on his shoulder!

New Age Outlaws vs. Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart All I can say is that I hope they keep Owen and Jeff together. These are two really great workers who need some sort of direction. If they stay together, with Debra of course, I suspect it's a winning situation! It was a pretty dumb match. Chyna and Debra started a fight, distracting Road Dogg, and Owen got the pin. I think this means Owen & Jarrett are the No. 1 contenders for the titles! Wow! That would be really nice if they won them, but somehow I don't see it happening.

Gillberg Hahahahaha! WCW definitely deserved this one. Duane Gill came out as The Man They Call Gillberg. I have to admit, he did a damn good Goldberg impression! Although I think it would have been better if JR was commentating. Michael Cole kind of overdid the fact that the GIllberg chants were played over the PA system, ala Goldberg. But nevertheless, it was a great segment, and I thought it was hilarious! Gill ended up fighting Luna, and after missing a spear and screwing up the jackhammer, Luna won. All I can say is... Who's first!

Shamrock\Billy Gunn\Venis Venis began coming on to Ken Shamrock's sister. Shamrock jumped Venis. Bad Ass jumped Shamrock, setting up a match at the Rumble between Gunn and Shamrock. Gee, do you think Val is going to join DX at the PPV? If he doesn't, I'll be surprised.

X-Pac vs. Al Snow Two great workers, putting on a good match until Goldust came to ringside with Head, distracting Snow, giving X-Pac the win. Why? Is this a heel turn for Goldust? It's interesting, I'll say that. If the WWF doesn't develope it properly, they could screw up Goldust's heat.

Mankind vs. Kane Booring. I love Mick Foley, but who wants to see him fight Kane? Give me a break! Kane is sort of stale, they really need to do something interesting with him. I have no clue what, but there has to be something. No real winner, but Mankind keeps the title.

HHH vs. Edge Wow! This would have been one of the best matches this year so far, if there hadn't been a dumb Brood run-in. They gave Road Dog a bloodbath for no apparent reason. The Brood are three of the best wrestlers in the WWF, but randomly dumping V8 on people is not the way to go.

Undertaker Stuff Well, from what I gather, Undertaker sacrificed Dennis Knight or something... it all got cut by TSN, so I didn't see it. It osunds sort of dumb, but if it breathes some life into the Undertaker, I'm all for it. I'm interested in seeing where it goes, especially with the Acolytes.

Royal Rumble A Coproration\DX Rumble on RAW! Sweet idea! I personally always enjoy Battle Royal. The only downside of this match was that because it was just Raw, and since they couldn't take a long time at it, the next guy came in after only about a minute. It was all too fast, and some of the eliminations didn't make sense. They could have developed a lot of feuds or angles in this little Rumble. It was fun anyway. Chyna ended up winning.

Good, but not great. It just seemed to be lacking something... I don't know what. But it still gets 7\10 on the Buzzkiller scale.

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