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WWF: Over the Edge

A fairly average WWF Pay Per View. A couple of let downs and I think most of us knew what would happen in most of the matches.

DOA vs. LOD 2000 I only caught the last half, but still this looked pretty bad. Note to WWF: Push Skull and 8-Ball as a sperate tag team, and give Brian Lee a new angle and gimmick Nobody cares about the LOD\DOA feud. The LOD lost all the remaining credibility when after the grand return they still lost to the New Age Outlaws.

The Rock Interview I love the Rock. He never ceases to amuse me. Lay the smack down, Rock! Out comes Faarooq to beat up the Rock. Oh the Rock is injured. Yawn, next?

Double J vs. Steve Blackman Steve Blackman definitely deserves a push, and for Double J, well I don't know. I don't think anything the WWF did with him would draw any heat. I didn't watch this match so I can't comment.

Sable vs. Marc Mero Sable wanted to fight Mero herself instead of bringing someone to do it. Marc gave a nice speech and said he'd let Sable pin him. So he lied down, and Sable got a two count when Mero flipped her over for the win. It was pretty funny, but I was hoping Sable would have someone else.

Kaientai vs. Taka & Bradshaw I don't know why Bradshaw is in this feud. It was a good match with a fast pace and kept me entertained. Taka and Kaientai are talented and can work a good match. Kainetai won after a Senton Bomb.

The Rock vs. Faarooq Good match from both, although it went a little slow, due to the Rock's real-life knee injury. The Rock pinned Faarooq with his feet on the ropes. Afterwards Faarooq started taking it to the Rock. The Nation ran in, and eventually so did DX.

Kave vs. Vader All of the internet "insiders" were wrong again as Kane kept his mask! Vader went for a Moonsault like only Vader can do, but missed. Kane tombstoned him for the win. After, Paul Bearer put on Vader's mask and imitated him. It was very funny seeing Paul Bearer dance around yelling "It's time, It's time, It's Paul Bearer Time". After Vader put himself down in an interview, supposedly to set up a new Vader to get a monster-push.

D-Generation X vs. The Nation Both Owen Hart and Triple H had new tights on. This was a good, fast paced match. The DX\Nation war is a good one, because both teams are made up of some great wrestlers. Owen pinned Triple H after Pedigreeing him on the European title.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Dude Love After long, long announcements for Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, and Vince McMahon, finally Steve Austin came out, with the Undertaker to watch his back. This was a good match, mostly brawling on the outside. Dude took some pretty good bumps, and surprisingly so did Austin. His neck must be nearly healed. During the match stipulations were added. No DQs and Falls Count Anywhere. After lots of brawling, Undertaker chokeslammed Brisco and Patterson into the announcing tables and Dude accidently hit Vince with a chair. Stone Cold stunned Dude Love and forced a knocked-out McMahon to make the count. Oh come on. Who really expected Austin to lose to Dude Love?

Fairly good PPV. There was nothing unexpected but there was some good wrestling so overall, Over the Edge gets 7\10 on the Buzzkill scale!

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