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August 31 1998

While it was not a completely bad show, like all WCW events lately, it was still a fairly poor effort. There were some decent parts and some, well, not so decent parts. Read on...

Hogan Interview Tell me everyone, when was the last time we could start a Nitro without Hogan?? I hate Hogan and all his interviews. And I hate Bischoff for that matter too. He does a very boring interview when all of a sudden the lights dim and the Warrior is there. Yay, now for an hour long Warrior speech. What's this? He only said one sentence and he's gone! There is a god after all!!!

Jim Powers vs. Wrath Am I the only one that notices Wrath has gone back to his old Adam Bomb persona? Identical outfit, minus the nuclear logos, even the same finisher (and finisher name for that matter), the Meltdown. I guess WCW has realized only WWF created personalities go anywhere. Oh, Wrath wins of course.

Norman Smiley vs. Scott Norton You know, they might actually hide the fact that Norton sucks with all these squash matches he is doing! Hey, it worked for Goldberg, right? Norton uses the Flashback and then a powerbomb for a win. Norton's powerbombs are awesome, granted.

Lodi & Saturn Segment Saturn is Lodi's slave since Lodi beat him in a match with that stipulation awhile back. I like Lodi! I think Lodi rules! I find it amusing that Saturn is going along with being Lodi's slave. Go Lodi!

Arn Anderson Interview JJ Dillon calls out Double A, and you can bet it's gonna be an interesting interview with Arn on the mic. Arn and Dillon talk about the old days of the Horsemen, and shows an old Arn Anderson vignette. Mongo and !!Chris Benoit!! come down to ringside to convince Arn to get the Four Horsemen back together. I noticed that Tony didn't make and idiotic attempts to cover up the loud "We Want Flair" chants, so I guess Ric must be coming back. Anyway Arn walks away, ignoring Mongo and Benoit. Ooooooh, good segment! If you ignore the NWO crap, WCW has done a good job building suspense on the Horsemen angle.

Brian Adams vs. Eddy Guererro WCW taking the fact that Eddy is frustrated about his treatment and push and making into an angle is sort of like admitting "Hey we suck! We screw good wrestlers! So... let's make an angle out of it! Yeah!" And I can hear Dusty Rhodes saying "Good idea Eric! Now let's make Eddy job to Brian Adams. That'd be *garbled rambling* I want a hot dog!" Sigh. Poor Eddy. He ought to hit the road and go to the WWF.

Flock Interview Raven, new Flock member Kanyon, Lodi, and Slave Boy Saturn all come out. Kanyon actually does some decent mic work, and Raven says Saturn has to team up with Lodi. Then he and Kanyon leave, leaving Lodi and Saturn to fight...

Lodi & Saturn vs. High Voltage Oooh, some real competition in High Roidage. The steroid pumped freaks come out and briefly pick on Lodi (you bastards!) and then get beaten up by Saturn. Out of knowhere Saturn superkicks one and gives a Death Valley Driver to the other one. Then Lodi makes Saturn tag him in and Lodi wins! The Flock is another thing I sort of enjoy in WCW mostly because they are not involved in the NWO mess!

DDP Interview DDP bores me to death, especially in interviews. The man responsible for bringing both Karl Malone, Jay Leno, AND the Ultimate Warrior to WCW! God, someone shoot this idiot before he does more damage!! What's next? The grand return of Mr. T??! Then Piper comes out. Then the Giant comes out for no real reason. Then everyone fights. And I remember why I think WCW needs so much help. And I flip channels.

Scott Steiner\Buff Bagwell\Doctor Cecil Buff, Steiner and Dr. Cecil Schwartz aren't bad. They just darg it out too long. Steiner should stick to wrestling, which he is good at. Buff is cool, I really like Buff both at interviews and wrestling. But they go on for two long.

Chris Jericho vs. Disco Inferno Af finally, Jericho. The saviour of WCW. Some good old fashioned wrestling. This match was way too damn short. WCW doesn't know when to give the good guys time!

Al Green vs. Goldberg Oh yeah, Al Green dserves that shot at the heavyweight title. Nobody has earned the opportunity more than Al Green! No siree, Al Green sure deserves it. And I thought when Hogan had it, the world title couldn't lose anymore credibility! Boy was I wrong! Someone send me a Goldberg Sucks T-Shirt.

Bret Hart & Hulk Hogan vs. Sting & Lex Luger I enjoy watching Sting. I enjoy watching Bret Hart. Why must WCW pollute it with Sucky Hogan and Sucky Luger? Oh well. This match centered around the fact that Bret doesn't approve of NWO Rules (ie Hogan whipping Stinger with a belt) and Hogan mad at Bret because he doesn't play by NWO Rules. Ok match I guess. At least Al Green and Goldberg weren't the main event.

I noly watched this Nitro because TSN aired it at a good time on Monday since Raw wasn't on. I wasn't thoroughly impressed. Some aspects are alright, and the 4 Horseman angle is making it at least worth watching. Nitro this week gets a whopping 5\10 stars. Until next time I watch Nitro, (and God knows when that will be!) see you!

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