Nitro Report

July 27 1998

I am going to be honest. Lately Nitro has sucked so bad, I rarely watch it. Today was no better. Let me review some of the crap WCW is feeding us. Keep in mind betweem my flipping through horrible boring junk (*ahem* NWO Nightcap *ahem*) and what TSN edited to get it down to two hours, this is a small report.

NWO Hollywood Interview All right! No Hogan! My man Scott Hall is here! Hall always entertains me and the Hall\Nash feud will be great! Does anyone remember how cool all of the Razor Ramon\Diesel matches were? Oh crud, Brian Adams is gonna talk. Flip!

Go Have a Shower I couldn't bear to watch Barbarian vs. Jim Duggan and more NWO Nightcap so I went and had a shower

DDP Interview DDP does bad interviews. Whenever I see him I remember him on Thunder saying "Karl Malone has been in the back jacking up for two hours!" Hahaha! And in a real original move, he calls Hogan scum. Yippee.

Bret Hart Interview Ah Bret Hart. He won't bore me! I kind of like the idea of Bret "USA Sucks! Canada Rules" Hart having the United States title.. I feel sorry for him because the fans keep throwing crap at him (eggs, drinks, bottles etc.) but on the plus side this means he must be drawing some decent heat finally!

Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho The reason I still watch WCW. Guys like Dean and Chris. As always, they put on a great match but with a stupid ending. Dean gets himself disqualified so he never gets a shot at Jericho again. I suppose this will lead to Dean going head first into the Horseman angle (We Want Flair).

Hogan Interview Please God, will Hogan ever shut up. His interviews are boring. So...... Flip!

DDP & Karl Malone vs. Hogan & Dennis Rodman Good god, they replayed the entire match from Bash at the Beach! That match was without a doubt, the single most pathetic, awful, boring, horrible excuse for a wrestling match I'd ever seen. When Hogan's looking like a damn good wrestler you know that can't be good. And they replayed it on Nitro! I went and read a magazine.

Goldberg Interview I've never seen Goldberg talk before. I'll give him a small bit of credit because his mic skills aren't too bad. There are worse.

Goldberg vs. Brian Adams As expected, except Goldberg and Adams sort of screwed up the first spear. Then Jackhammer and Adams kicks out! Clothelines Goldberg and we have a new world champion! No, of course not. Goldberg continued his streak.

Hogan vs. DDP I only saw the last couple of minutes of this. Goldberg begins jogging down the aisle and "FOLKS WE'RE DESPERATELY OUT OF TIME!". Sigh.

I sorry WCW lovers, I don't mean to offend you, but this is an all time low for WCW. This Nitro was crap. Usually there's a few good things to make up for the bad, but not today. I hope WCW picks up because it's going to be a long time before I watch Nitro again. Mostly thanks to Jericho and Malenko, this gets 3.5\10

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