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May 5 1998

Here in Canada Nitro was shown at some weird times so I didn't get to see all of it. But for the US I tthink it was shown on the 5th, a Tuesday. Anyway what I saw wasn't bad.

Hammer vs. Saturn The loser will leave the Flock! Overall I would say this was a pretty good match. I really like Saturn, and Hammer is all right. What really surprised me was that... Saturn lost! Some drink vendor came in and interfered first knocking out Saturn, and then knocks Kidman on top of Saturn for the three count. Wow! I hope Saturn doesn't leave the Flock! But of you think about it, it was a good move by WCW. Could Hammer last without the Flock? No way. Could Saturn succeed in singles? Without a doubt! So I guess it's ok. I think the vendor was Chris Canyon (Mortis) without the mask.

Juventud vs. Sick Boy Juvi's feud with the Flock is stupid and going nowhere. This match moves along for awhile. Juvi sets up Sick Boy for the 450 splash, but in comes Reese and Horace to beat him up. Come on here! Juventud and Reese? That's stupid booking! Then Goldberg came in and gave Reese a PERFECT jackhammer which is not easy! As much as he sucks, Goldberg impressed me.

Brian Adams vs. Konnan WCW's latest war. NWO vs. Wolfpac Finally cool wrestlers like Nash, Konnan and Hennig aren't stuck with losers like Hogan. It didn't last long because Bret Hart came and beat up Konnan, and then Nash powerbombed Adams.

Fit Finley vs. Booker T It was mostly Booker dominating Finley as expected. But look! There's Chris Benoit! He's talking to Booker T! Fit Finley just hit Booker T! Finley just gave Booker a tombstone! And Finley... pinned him?? With a wimpy tombstone? A new TV champion. Well, I don't know. WCW has such a huge talent roster, many who desperately need a push. How does Fit deserve it? Only good thing I can see here is if Benoit beats him.

Kevin Nash vs. Lex Luger Typical match. Nothing much happens. Members of the Wolfpac are at ringside, so for a surprise the match ends in a DQ qith WCW , NWO, and the Wolfpac brawling. If I see the Giant come down to save Luger again... well I don't know what I'd do, but I'd be mad.

A lot of surprises tonight! New TV champ! Saturn leaves the Flock! Surprises are good, so from what I saw I'll give Nitro a good solid 7\10

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