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November 16 1998

Everybody get ready for a momentous occasion. I actually watched Nitro! They had been feeding me such crap for such a long time I stopped watching. But I watched an episode. It was severely edited (I live in Canada) so I missed a lot of important things. Here's a report on what I saw!

Juventud vs. Kidman These guys can wrestle. They've proved it 20 or so times before! WCW, stop making these guys wrestle each other! I've seen them fight each other 20 times already! Enough is enough! But aside from that, they put on a great match as always! I was very impressed. Kidman is turning into a god! Juvi is good, but he has no personality. Juvi hit the 450 spash for the win.

Wrath Beats People Up Wrath was supposed to fight Raven, but Ravend didn't want to fight and left. Good job Raven, don't lower yourself to that! So then Wrath beat up Kanyon witht he meltdown. Glaicer came down for his match with Kanyon and he got the Meltdown too. WCW is building up Wrath nicely! I think Wrath ahs some serious potential. He actually shows imporvement in his matches.

Glacier vs. Kanyon They were both almost counted out, since Wrath beat them up, but they eventually got started. The crowd was totally dead, I don't know why. Oh yeah, maybe it's because Glacier really sucks! He did hit a pretty nice Northern Lights Suplex, though. Kanyon got no offens ein excpet for a Flatliner for the win. Eh. Boring.

Saturn vs. Konnan Oh man, why is Saturn always dressed up so bad? he looks like a frickin Village Person. Saturn used to be a total badass, and he was awesome. Black bandanna, sunglasses, black and orange vest, balck and orange tights, and boots. He was the best badass in wrestling, in my opinion better than Steve Austin. But no, now they give him some weird leather vest, a beret, and full length tights. It really hurts his image when he looks bad. At least he didn't have beret today. Anyway he just brawled with Konnan. Saturn's a quick guy, so Konnan's absolutle suckiness and slowness really stood out. The LWO came out and interfered and it was a big brawl. Borrrring.

Bobby Duncum Jr vs. Chris Jericho Bobby Duncum Jr, eh? Sounds like someone who deserves a shot against Goldberg! Or is that Al Green? Anyway, Bobby looked pretty sucky. A really bad match considering that my Paragon of Virtue, Chris Jericho was there. I fast forwarded most of it. Jericho just left in the middle of the match. Good for him. Keep on walking, Chris, all the way to the WWF.

Boring Hogan Junk The minute I saw Hogan I fast forwarded. I watched when I notice Scott Hall come down. He gets in a bit of an argument with Eric Bischoff, and then he punches Eric. Cool! I loved it when he puked on Bischoff, but this is good too. Uh oh, Hogan's getting angry. Down comes Nashy Boy for the save. People are syaing Hall's going to joint he Wolfpac. But you wanna know what I'd really like to see? I'd like to see Hall and Nash become just what their name says, Outsiders. Nust the two of them, mouthing off, and making WCW cool again. No associating themselves with nerds like Hogan, Luger, or Stevie Ray. Just the two of them. Oh who am I kidding, go to the WWF dammit! Both of you! Hang out with Syxx, get the real Wolfpac together again. I want to see the Kliq together again!

Chris Benoit vs. Bret Hart Really dissapointing considering that two of my favorite wrestlers are in there. These guys are both great workers, but we had to have all this interference and brawling which wrecked the match. But it was great seeing Benoit back. He looked great!

Goldberg vs. Bam Bam Bigelow You know, Bam Bam must be a moron to go to WCW. He will be pushed for a month, and then be nobody. They just brawled and "Folks, we're desperately out of time!". God, I hate Tony Schiavone.

There was nothing partiicularily good about Nitro, but for some reason, it seemed to have a nice flow too it. I got caught up on the angles and got to see my favorite wrestlers. Kidman's match was decent... I feel it deserves a 5\10. Not good, but good fo WCW lately. Here's hoping they get back on the right track!

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