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WCW: Great American Bash

I am a really bad judge of this one, because after Benoit got screwed... AGAIN... I sort of lost interest and stopped watching. Instead I argued with all my friends (as usual). One of these days I am going to watch a full Pay Per View, without stopping to argue.

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T I was on the edge of my seat for this one. I thought for sure this was Benoit's chance. Stupid me! Why would WCW give a talented guy like Benoit a belt! Stupid me! It was a great match though, Benoit got in his rolling German suplexes and his flying headbutt, but got hit by a Missile Dropkick giving Booker T the win. WCW is stupid. There it's in the open.

Saturn vs. Kanyon I don't like Kanyon at all. But like him or not, he's talented. He got some great moves in there. He did some weird DDT thing to Saturn for the win. After, someone came out dressed as Mortis to congratulate Kanyon.. and then Evenflows him. That would be Raven! After Raven makes fun of Saturn and he gets the Flock to beat him up. Looks like it's time for what could be a great Raven Saturn feud.

Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko Good match as was expected. They ended up brawling all the way to the outside. Chris Jericho won by DQ when the Iceman hit him with a chair, but I think the belt is still being held up.

Juventud vs. Reese Oooh, bad match! You can't expect a match between guys of about a 5 foot difference to work. Reese is a bad wrestler, and even Juvi couldn't make up for it. After a totally screwed up finish, Juvi won. You could plainly see Reese's shoulders a foot off the mat, but the ref counted anyway. Bad bad bad.

Chavo vs. Eddy The match of the Guererros! Good match, but I missed a lot of it. Chavo tornado DDT'd Eddy over the ropes, but eventually he came back in to beat him. It's nice to see that Chavo finally has a personality! I really like Psycho-Chavo, and Eddy of course is one of the best.

Goldberg vs. Konnan Do I need to say anything? Konnan barely got any moves in, when spear, jackhammer, it's over. Goldberg is 100-0 (that no talent freak). I think his next match is gonna be the one he loses. It makes sense (but since when did WCW do anything that made sense)

Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper & Randy Savage Wooh, no offense to Bret, but we're talking Geezer Wrestling here! Bret Hart is one of the best, but the rest of them really suck! I watched about 20 seconds of this, I couldn't stand it. So I stopped watching. The worst part is that some people really consider this a match of Icons! The only Icon is Bret Hart, sorry guys! Hogan and Hart won somehow. I expected this would be when Hart turned on Hogan, but he didn't. Good move. Surprisingly enough Hart is looking good with Hogan.

Roddy Piper vs. Randy Savage For some reason, they had this match afterwards. It was even worse, because Bret Hart wasn't there to make up for the general patheticness. Savage submitted to a figure four leglock.

Sting vs. The Giant The Giant came down smoking a cigarette. I don't know why, but it just seemed weird to see that. It didn't seem right, don't ask me why. Actually it wasn't a bad match. Pretty cool ending, with Sting on the turnbuckled trying to Deathdrop the giant, but the Giant slammed him down. However Sting still had the Giant's head, and as he landed, he Deathdropped the Giant for the win. Early in the match, the Giant kicked out of a few Death Drops, which surprised me, and he also reveresed a Death-Lock.

Well, I suppose it was okay, but this treatment of Benoit is making me bitter towards WCW in general. This PPV couldn't hold me interest. WWF does a much better job at that. But nevertheless, I give it 7\10 which isn't too bad.

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