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Kevin Nash

Real Name: Kevin Nash
Nick Name: Big Sexy The Giant Killer
Finisher: Jacknife Powerbomb
Information: Kevin Nash was the second member of the New World Order. He, like Scott Hall, started his career in WCW. He went through many unsucessful gimicks including, Master Blaster Steel, Oz, and Vinnie Vegas before going into the WWF. He originally appeared as Shawn Michael's bodyguard. He helped Michaels beat Marty Jannetty in his debut and stuck around for many years to come. He became known as "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel. As Diesel he was very succesful, rising from a mid-carder to a main eventer. He captured the intercontinental title, the tag titles with Shawn Michaels, and the heavyweight championship. He won his first heavyweight title by beating Bob Backlund in 8 seconds. He then accepted a lucrative deal into WCW as a partner for Scott Hall. He and Hall became the Outsiders winning the tag titles twice, feuding with the Steiner Brothers. Since then, Nash has been doing more singles wrestling, fighting the Giant and Sting.
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Scott Hall

Real Name: Scott Hall
Nick Name: The Bad Guy
Finisher: Outsider Edge
Information: Many people don't know that before he wrestled in the WWF as Razor Ramon, Scott Hall was in WCW as the Diamond Studd, managed by DDP. It was here when he started using his finishing move, then known as the Diamond Death Drop. After an unsuccessful stay, Scott Hall went to the WWF as the hugely popular Razor Ramon. He was a four time intercontinental champion. He was engaged in major feuds with many people including his future NWO buddies, Kevin Nash and Syxx, when they were Diesel and the 123 Kid. He also feuded with Shawn Michaels, Rick Martel and Goldust. He shocked everyone by turning up on WCW Nitro, announcing that he was an Outsider, and demanded a match with 3 of WCW's best. This led to the formation of the NWO. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan. Hall and Nash became the Outsiders, quickly winning the tag team championship on many occasions, feuding with the Steiner Brothers, Harlem Heat, the Giant and Lex Luger. After a brief leave of abscense, Hall came back and formed the original Wolfpac, with Nash and Syxx, who feuded with Roddy Piper, and Ric Flair. The NWO was strong, and Hall was feuding with Larry Zbyszco, and he won World War 3 in 1997. After a while, Hall was out of the scene due to personal problems. He returned, with Kevin Nash to reform the Outsiders, but Hall ended up turning on Nash. This was the reason for the NWO split. The black & white vs. the black and red. The Hall and Nash feud went on for awhile only to end recently as the original NWO reunited.
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Hollywood Hogan

Real Name: Terry Bollea
Nick Name: Hulk
Finisher: Legdrop
Information: Whether you like him or not, Hogan is without a doubt, the man who made proffesional wrestling what it is today. Hogan has had a long, successful career. He really started gaining popularity in the WWF around 1983. In the WWF Hogan became wildly popular, starting a phenomenon called Hulkamania. Hogan has been the most popular wrestler of all time, aside from Steve Austin. He partook in memorable feuds with Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Ted DiBiase, Sgt. Slaughter, and much more. He won the WWF title 5 times in his tenure in the WWF. To further the success of Hulkamania he starred in movies such as Rocky III, Thunder in Paradise, Suburban Commando, Mr. Nanny, Santa With Muscles and others. After a feud with Yokozuna, Hogan left the WWF for good and entered World Championship Wrestling. In WCW he won three world titles, feuding with Ric Flair, Ed Leslie and Vader. However due to his constant dominance in the ring, the fans got bored and started booing Hogan. Hogan realized a change was needed. In 1996, at Bash at the Beach, Hogan shocked the world by turning heel and joing the NWO. Calling himself Hollywood he fought with Savage, the Giant, and Sting. Since then Hogan has been a major player in the NWO.
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Lex Luger

Real Name: Larry Pfohl
Nick Name: The Total Package
Finisher: The Torture Rack
Information: Lex's first goal in life was to play pro football, but he ended up a pro wrestler. He wrestled his first match in 1985. After fueding with Sting and Ric Flair in the NWA Luger officially became part of WCW. In WCW he became part of the Four Horsemen, filling Ole Anderson's spot. In the 80's and early 90's Luger had a considerable amount of success, feuding with top stars and winning a number of title belts. After a while, Luger brienfly joined the WBF (World Bodybuilding Federation), a Vince McMahon owne company, and announced that he would no longer wrestle. But in 1993, Lex debuted in the WWF as the Narccisist, with Bobby Heenan as his manager. But as he entered a feud with Yokozuna, he became a face and called himself "Made in the USA". He co-won a Royal Rumble with Bret Hart, but failed to beat Yoko for the world title. He teamed up with the British Bulldog as the "Allied Powers" but failed to get any recognition. in 1995, Lex returned to WCW. As the NWO angle slowly developed, Lex Luger became one of WCW's key players. He even won the Heavyweight title from Hollywood Hogan. He formed friendships with Sting and the Giant, and surpirsed everyone when he joined the Wolfpac. He has renewed his friendship with Sting and has since feuded with Bret Hart for the US title.
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Scott Steiner

Real Name: Scott Rechsteiner
Nick Name: Big Poppa Pump, Superstar, Scotty,
Finisher: Steiner Recliner
Information: Although most people know Scott Steiner as one half of the team, the Steiner Brothers, he has recently achieved success on his own. The Steiners are six time WCW tag team champions, two time WWF tag team champions, and IWGP tag team champions. Scott even temporarily held the TV title before moving to the WWF. Many consider the Steiners to be the best tag team of all time, and have had long feuds with Money Inc. and the Outsiders. But Scott turned on his brother at Superbrawl VIII and joined the nWo. He changed his name to White Thunder, but due to possible racial overtones, changed to Superstar Scott Steiner. He has been teaming with Buff Bagwell and feuding with his brother Rick. Scott's future as a singles wrestler has a lot of potential and time will tell how well it is played out.
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Eric Bischoff

Real Name: Eric Bischoff
Nick Name: Easy-E
Finisher: Not Applicable
Information: In reality, Eric Bischoff is actually president of WCW\NWO, not just Hogan's lackey. Bischoff had been a commentator for WCW since 1993 and was not involved with any real angles. When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash formed the NWO in WCW, they began threatening Bischoff and beating him up. Shortly after this event, Bischoff shocked everyone by joining the NWO. Since then he has mostly acted as Hogan's sidekick and pulled some strings for the Outsiders. In reality, Bischoff was recently promoted from Vice President to the president of WCW, but enjoys acting as the character he plays in the New World Order, and will likely stay that way for a long time to come.
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Miss Elizabeth

Real Name: Elizabeth Hewlette
Nick Name: Liz
Finisher: Not Applicable
Information: Most people know Miss Liz as being the manager of Randy Savage since his early WWF days, and that is where we will start. She assisted Savage in many of his matches, and they briefly went seperate ways, they reunited at Wrestelmania 7. When Savage went to the WCW, Liz went as well only to turn on him and aid Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen. She eventually disapeared from the Horsemen, to join Hogan in the NWO. The feud between she and Savage as heating up. When Savage shocked everyone by joining the NWO, Liz and he were reunited. Not soon after, they were split up again when Savage joined the Wolfpac, but Liz stayed in the NWO. She has recently appeared along with Eric Bischoff in the NWO.
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Past Members

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