The Best Wrestling Links
...There are only a few good wrestling sites, aside from mine of course!

  • WWF.Com - The best official website there is, in my opinion! It has interesting columns, and lots of up-to-date news tidbits.

  • Wrestling Tidbits - Of all the people who claim to be "smart" wrestling fans, this is one of the few people who actually is. He writes great Raw, Nitro, Thunder and PPV reports.

  • The Other Arena - The discussion boards are always full of interesting conversation. It also has other cool features like "History" and a games room.

  • Wrestling MIDI Themes - Tons of WCW, ECW, and WWF wrestlers themes in MIDI format. They are very well done and I reccomend that you listen to them!

  • Raven Fan Site - Dedicated to Raven and the rest of the Flock with always new info, bios, and multimedia. The most comprehensive Raven page you will ever find.

  • TSN's Top Rope - The place to be for Canadian wrestling fans. The columns are always interesting and informative and they have an always current schedule and other bits of info as well.

  • Kenny's Krib - Yeah, you've seen those dumb South Park guys dressed as wrestlers all over the place. But visit the homepage of the guy who makes most of them. Super high quality images, tons of them, and always more being added.

  • Power Slam - Awesome, detailed bios and stats of tons of wrestlers along with multimedia and other miscellaneous things. This guy definitely knows what he is talking about and he adds more bios all the time, which are packed with info.

  • Big 3 Newsboard - Since WICN shut down, this is where I have been going for my news. Some of their reporters aren't so great, but they have other good reporters to make up for it.

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