...At least I give credit to the people I steal stuff from!
I owe tons of thanks! Not only did it have tons of pictures of NWO members, past and present, it helped me a lot when writing the bios of the different members!

PsycoSyxx's MIDIs
Huge thanks to PsychoSyxx and his webpage for all the awesome MIDIs he made! I used these for my greeting cards mostly, so visit his site. It is pretty awesome!

Loco's Page
I have to thanks Loco for a lot of the WWF pictures you see on my page. Most of them I got from Loco. This page has some awesome pictures and lots of cool areas, so go visit it!

Darkside of Wrestling
More thanks to the Darkside of Wrestling for some of their older pictures of various WWF personalities. I was getting a little desperate, but this site helped a bit. So check it out!

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