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Vince McMahon

Real Name: Vincent K. McMahon
Nick Name: Vinny Mac, VinMan
Finisher: None
Information: Vince McMahon can be credited for totally making the WWF what it is today. He made pro wrestling a mainstream form of entertainment. When he took over the company from his dad, Vince Sr., he brought in such superstars as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, and made wrestling in the 80's a huge thing. From then on, it was almost all success for the WWF. They have had their ups and downs, but Vince has been in control the whole time. Vince's on camera role used to be limited to only some color commentationg, but since then he has been in verbal, and now physical arguments with Stone Cold Steve Austin. This feud has propelled Vince to become one of the best heels in the business, and has even formed his own stable around it.
On the mic

Shane McMahon

Real Name: Shane McMahon
Nick Name: None
Finisher: None
Information: Shane McMahon's claim to fame is that he is the son of the owner of the WWF. He is role as an on-camera personality is still very new. Although he had been seen backstage with Vince occasionally, Shane officially debuted as the commentator for Sunday Night Heat. However he got put into an angle shortly thereafter. For awhile he played the face, siding with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and claiming that Vince was never a good dad. At the 1998 Survivor Series, Shane shocked everyone by turning on Austin, and joining his dad Vince in the Corporation. Since then he has developed an evil personality, much like his dad's and his role on Raw is increasing.
Looking happy

The Rock

Real Name: Duane Johnson
Nick Name: The Corporate Champion
Finisher: Rock Bottom
Information: Rocky Maivia made his WWF debut at the 1996 Survivor Series, becoming the Sole Survivor of his team. Shortly after his debut, he beat Hunter-Hearst Helmsley to become the youngest Intercontinental champion, ever. However despite the fact that he was a "good guy", the fans did not accept Rocky and booed him loudly. He evntually lost his title to Owen Hart. After a short leave of abscense Rocky, now calling himself the Rock, returned as a heel, joining Faarooq's Nation of Domination. He became a solid heel, and eventually booted Faarooq out of the Nation, taking control himself. He feuded with Steve Austin for awhile over the Intercontinental title, and ended up the winner of that feud. After this he had a series of matches with Ken Shamrock, and it was then that the Nation was slowly being phased out as the Rock became a singles competitor. After a brief face turn, the Rock became the heavyweight champion at Survivor Series and became a heel, joining Vince McMahon in the Corporation.
Raising the corporate eyebrow

Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Real Name: Paul Levesque
Nick Name: Triple H
Finisher: The Pedigree
Information: Hunter Hearst Helmsley started his career in WCW. He ended up as a jobber so he moved over to the WWF. Once there he was placed with a royal blue-blood type gimmick. He feuded with such names as Goldust, and the Ultimate Warrior, even winning an Intercontinental title. But after taking part in the infamous "Kliq Incident" his career went downhill for about a year. It started picking up again with a win at the King of the Ring, and a feud with Mankind. He then joined Degeneration-X feduing with Owen Hart and winning the European title. He has since gone on to become the leader of DX, winning the IC title, and feuding with Ken Shamrock. HHH recently turned on DX and joined the Corporation, re-uniting with Chyna and feuding with X-Pac and Kane.
Holding the Intercontinental title belt

Ken Shamrock

Real Name: Ken Shamrock
Nick Name: World's Most Dangerous Man
Finisher: Ankle Lock Submission
Information: Ken Shamrock was a pro wrestler before he was a shoot fighter. Shamrock first spent time in various independent promotions such as the ACW and UWF, even winning a few titles. It was after this point when Ken Shamrock met fame, in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the UFC, a shoot fighting fed. At UFC VI, Ken Shamrock defeated Dan Severn in under 3 minutes to become the first ever Superfight Champion. However at UFC IX, Shamrock lost to Severn, in what many say was one of the most boring UFC matches ever. Quickly after, he signed with the WWF. Since then he has been very successful, feuding with people such as The Rock, Owen Hart, and Vader. He recently turned heel, joining Vince McMahon's Corporation.
Getting in his zone

Big Bossman

Real Name: Ray Traylor
Nick Name: None
Finisher: Bossman Slam
Information: The Big Bossman started his careerin the WWF in the 1980's. He was a heel for most of the time. He was under the management of Slick, and tagged up with Akeem, known as the Twin Towers. They feuded with teams such as the Rockers and Demolition. When the Twin Towers broke up, Big Bossman became a face and had some hot feuds with the Mountie, Nailz, and others, but he never won any gold. Around 1995, he departed to WCW where he went absolutely nowhere. He was known as Big Bubba, the Guardian Angel, the Angel, among others. He was even put into the NWO, before he became Ray Traylor, an enemy of the NWO. He slowly disapeared from the scene. He recently turned up on Raw, dressed all in black, as a bodyguard for Vince McMahon. He has since feuded with members of DX and has been a Hardcore champion as well as a tag team champion. The Big Bossman has an interesting future ahead of him.
Coming down to help


Real Name: Andrew Martin
Nick Name: The Corporate Insurance Policy
Finisher: Powerbomb\Metldown
Information: Not a lot is known about Test. A relative newcomer to the WWF, Test wrestled in independent promotions for awhile under his real name, Andrew Martin, or under aliases. He was originally slated to be a member of D-Generation X, but rumor had it that they did not approve of a rookie joining DX. Test debuted as a member of Vince McMahon's Corporation, and will likely achieve big things in the WWF.
Picture: Coming Soon...


Real Name: Joanie Lee
Nick Name: The Amazon
Finisher: Not Applicable
Information: Not much is known about Chyna. She first appeared on the scene coming out of nowhere to beat up Goldust's then manager, Marlena. She then became Hunter's manager, helping him at ringside and interfering to help him in his matches. When Hunter joined DX Chyna followed him. She still maintains the same role, interfering for the benefit of DX. However at a recent Raw, she turned against them to join the Corporation and has been feuding with them since.
Looking tough inside the ring

Past Members

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