Bottom 10 Wrestlers
...Oh, so many to choose from!

5.Konnan - Like many of the guys on this list, Konnan is incredibly popular right now and I don't know why! He can't wrestle, period! He is slow, and he sweats like a pig after five minutes. And the rolling clothesline looks really dumb when it's done at such a slllooooowwwww pace.

4.Diamond Dallas Page - Woohoo, people are going to bitch at me for this one! DDP is overated. This is the punk that used to smoke cheap cigars and job to everyone on the planet. The Diamond Cutter is cool, yes, but that's it. He also done such evil things as bring Karl Malone and Jay Leno (shudder) into mainstream wrestling.

3.Ultimate Warrior - The destrucity of the Warrior will stemplicate upon the fractitioners of foke. The Warrior is a horrid wrestler, awful interview, and he makes up words dammit! Hence, he sucks. Why do people like him? He was okay when he never talked, back in the WWF, but give me a break! The Warrior sucks, I'm sorry folks.

2.Bill Goldberg - I don't care how popular he is. And people, listen to me here. Wrestling is fixed. Goldberg has such a big streak because it was booked to happen! So stop saying "Golderb rules, cuz he has never lost. he could beat you up!". This is a moronic thing to say! Goldberg has to charisma, no mic skills, limited wrestling skills, and that makes him suck!

1."Hollywood" Hulk Hogan - Hogan is too old, plain and simple. He is still living in the 80s where a leg drop might have been impressive. But in an age of tornado DDT's and 450 splashes, a leg drop is damn weak. Nobody cares about Hogan, plain and simple. And don't even get me started on his interviews, "brother".

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