Bottom 5 Tag Teams
...Is there even such thing as a good tag team anymore?

5.Barry Windham & Curt Hennig - Barry Windham has past his prime, and unfortunately so has Hennig. It's not that they are a bad team, it's just sad to see these guys wrestling together, when they used to be so great.

4.LOD 2000 - LOD. The Legion of Doom. The Road Warriors. Probably the best team of all time. I wish they'd just retire with a bit of grace! They are waaaay past their prime and it really shows. I'd like for them to win one last title in the WWF and then they can hang up the boots for good.

3.High Voltage - High 'Roidage as they are commonly known as on the Interet. These pumped up goons are just that, pumped up goons. They don't have any real talent, other than flexing and bouncing their pecs.

2.Los Boriquas - It doesn't matter which ones are teaming up, whether it be Jesus, Miguel, Savio or Jose, they are just no good. The Boricuas are really boring, no question about it. I can't think of anyone who lies these guys. Savio might be okay on his own, but ditch the rest!

1.Disorderly Conduct - Those of you who have had the unfortunate experience of accidently tuning into WCW Saturday Night have probably seen these pathetic Nasty Boy wannabes. This is one sad team.

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