Bottom 5 Finishers
...The worst finishers in wrestling!

5.Nash's Powerbomb - Now before you freak out, Nash is easily one of my alltime favorite wrestlers, period. But his powerbomb blows! He picks the guy up, and then just sort of drops him. He's forgetting about the "power" aspect of the "bomb". He should take lessons from Scott Norton, who holds onto the guy until just before slamming him into the mat.

4.Disco's Chartbuster - No offense to Disco, I don't even really mind the guy, but it's just a Stone Cold Stunner with a really lame name. Steve Austin is probably the most popular wrestler alive right now, so taking his move and giving it a crappy new name is probably a dumb move. Sorry, Disco!

3.Meng's Tongan Death Grip - Lame lame lame lame lame. This move is so stupid! He is just poking his fingers into his opponent's throat. Now, how weak is that? Give me a damn break. Meng is just a big fat loser, so I guess his finishing move sort of suits him.

2.Roddy Piper's Sleeper - Roddy Piper's sleeper hold is on the same level as Hogan's leg drop. It's just a really lame move that may have been satisfactory in the 80's, but now it just incites chants if "Booooorrrinnggg Boooooorrrrriiiinnnnggg". Piper sucks, anyway.

1.Hogan's Leg Drop - Does it get any worse than this? No, I don't think so. This is definitely the weakest move in the history of finishers. It may have been effective in the 80's but now it is nothing. Hogan sucks, and his move sucks too.

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