Bottom 5 Announcers
...God, I hate Tony Schiavone!

5.Michael Cole - He tries, but he fails oh so miserably. The best he's done is become DX's punching bag. One day he might be a decent commentator but right now, he doesn't seem to have much of a personality. He just goes along with things, and he doesn't seem to have an opinion. Some day he might be good, but until then, he sucks.

4.Dusty Rhodes - I don't know if I can consider him an announcer anymore, but for many years he worked on WCW Saturday Night. He babbles incoherently for an hour and nobody can understand a word of what he says. Watch the spit fly when he tires to pronounce Larry Z's name. Thank God we never have to listen to that anymore, but the memory remains!

3."Mean" Gene Okerlund - He's not really an announcer, but I hate him so I thought I ought to include him. Mean Gene is incredibly annoying and is living in the past, where you acted like the bad guys were evil in its purest form and sucked up to the good guys as best as possible. Plus he has admitted many times that doesn't follow wrestling, and he doesn't even enjoy it!

2."Living Legend" Larry Zbysco - Ugh! Why do people think he's so great? The guy had his moment and now it's over. I hate how he talks. Every sentence is exactly the same! He is a sickening face, is what he is. An hour of Larry is enough to make anyone turn Nitro off.

1.Tony Schiavone - I don't think I need to explain this one! Only Tony could fill up 3 hours in a row hyping a main event and proclaiming this, as well as every other Nitro, to be "the biggest event in the history of our sport!" "the best Nitro ever!" "the most important Nitro ever!" Please make him shut up! I don't think that words can really sum up the true extent of his overall suckiness.

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