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By SilkySmooth

Well, I've recently had the privelage of attending a WWF house show and I must say that the WWF show was 10 times better than both of the WCW house shows I've attended put together!
For those who don't know the lingo, a house show is a non-televised event.
On August 9, me and 4 others each pitched in our $20, hopped in a car and drove the 2 hour trip to Kansas City to see the WWF in action. Some highlights of the night were when, X-Pac was facing Jeff Jarrett, in which Jarrett did his cheesy, "3 Words, ain't I great?" gimmick. That was answered by X-Pac with his own 3 words, "You're an asshole!"
Next was when the New Age Outlaws faced D-Lo and the Godfather. The Godfather decided to point out to all of his hos out in the crowd, creating a lot of heat by commenting on the nose-bleed seats, saying that some of his "low-budget hos" were seated there.
There was also a triple threat match between Kane, The Undertaker, and Stonecold Steve Austin. Gee, nobody knew who was going to win that match, did they?
Then, my favorite match of the night occured. My two most-favorite wrestlers squared off against each other. HHH and The Rock! This match showcased some of the best talent to ever grace the pro-wrestling world. Needless to say, I was a happy fan and I must say that was the best $20 I have spent in a long time.
Anyway, I guess we'll get to the actual article now and I will talk about the title situation now. First, WCW! Obviously, Goldberg is still the WCW champ. When is this guy going to lose by the way? Now, the U.S. title, what the hell is going on with this thing. First they give it to Hart, then, they give it up so quickly to Luger, just to give it right back to Hart. Can't Bischoff and Rhodes make up their damn minds, I thought they were going to start a Sting-Hart feud, not a Luger-Hart feud. Well, anyway, the TV title is now in the hands of "The King Of All Loop-Holes" Chris Jericho. I am a Jerichoholic, I think he's one of the funniest guys to come along in a while, he has some of the best mic skills in the business today. And he sure knows how to work up a crowd. I just wish they would drop that stupid loop-hole gimmick. It sucks, I hate it.
Juventud Guerrera is now the Cruiserweight champ. I wonder how long he'll actually keep it. After Jericho's long reign as champ, WCW is most likely going to go back to it's old, fast-changing title reigns for the Cruiserwieght title.
And of course, the tag team champions are "Super Sexy the Nash Killer" Scott Hall and The Giant. When are we going to see an actual tag team hold the titles? Think of the last time you saw an actual tag team hold the WCW tag titles. It's always been singles wrestlers who team up. What happened to tag teams?
Now we turn our attention to the Master, the Grand Daddy Of Them All, the World Wrestling Federation. Austin is still the champ of course. When the hell is he going to actually lose that title? The WWF is so worried about him losing popularity if he loses it, but with his gimmick there's no way he can lose popularity, just stay the same way he is now and fans will still love it.
Next, the IC champ is still The Rock, but, I can't wait to see the match at SummerSlam. I want HHH to win that title, he deserves it. And we come to the European Champion....D-Lo Brown? What the hell is this? D-Lo does not deserve to be a champion, he's not a good enough wrestler yet to be a champion, plus his head-bob thing sucks, and it's annoying.
And the new Light Heavyweight champion is......oh wait, that's right, Taka Michinoku is STILL the champ, when was the last time he defended that title? To my knowledge I only see 3 Light Heavyweights still wrestling in the WWF. Why did the WWF start this division if they can't do anything with it?
And the tag titles belong to, sadly, Kane and Mankind. Again, more singles wrestlers with the tag titles. I want to see a tag team hold the belts. Give them back to the New Age Outlaws. That's my opinion. But then again, I guess I'm biased.
Anyway, I shall leave you this week with what HHH said at the house show that I attended on the 9th.
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. For the thousands in attendance, the millions NOT watching at home, and just because the Rock is one big peice of shit. Let's get ready to suck it!!!!!

"The Silkalicious One" SilkySmooth

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