Smooth Words

By SilkySmooth

Well, once again we find NWO Hollywood is having problems within itself.
Yet, the Wolfpac is still strong and functioning as one unit. Hogan's going nuts because he lost his precious little title again. If he was ever a real champion, he would actually have the guts to go and try to earn a rematch. Face it Hollywood fans, the black and white does NOT reign supreme.
At the moment, Goldberg reigns supreme. Though I'm pretty sure we could find somebody that's better than this 2-move, Stonecold-look-alike, monster. Don't get me wrong, I like Goldberg and all, it's just that I don't think he's a very good wrestler. All he does is his famous spear and jackhammer, that's it.
Certainly there's someone else out there that would be a better champion. Perhaps maybe "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, seeing as how he was promised in his contract that he would get the title in 1997. I guess WCW is a little behind though.
Now, I've heard all the hype surrounding Goldberg, such as how he's undefeated and he's "the fastest rising star in WCW history" and all that.
Well, first of all, WCW could have made Disco Inferno be undefeated had they wanted. Although I would like to have seen Disco be undefeated, because he's the man, but oh well.
Second, of course he's a major fan favorite, if you play a chant of someone's name through the speakers of a filled arena, of course the crowd is going to start chanting that name.
I do give Goldberg credit though, he is strong and his is a genetic wonder, I mean the man's HUGE! And he also took the title away from Hollywood "Scum" Hogan, at least we can say that about Bill "Don't Call Me Bill" Goldberg.
For those who haven't figured it out, I am a major Wolfpac fan, also I am a major Disco Inferno fan, but he doesn't really matter now, anyway.
Hollywood sucks, plain and simple, Wolfpac rules.


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