Smooth Words

By SilkySmooth

I'll start this issue by complimenting WCW and their suprising turn of events lately. I honestly did not expect the Goldberg-Hogan match, especially so soon. I also expected Goldberg to win by disqualification and Hollywood to keep the title. So, Goldberg winning was a big suprise from WCW that I've seen in a while. Much more suprising than the suprise that Page and Malone had in the semi. I sat through 3 hours of Nitro to find out what their big suprise was. It was chairs? Two chairs. That's it. That was the suprise? How is that a suprise? Now a suprise is the Undertake dressing up like Kane to beat Mankind to become the number one contender for the WWF World Heavyweight Title. A suprise is DX coming out dressed liked The Nation and emulating them. Now that was a suprise, and a funny one at that also. Another thing that is really anoying me about WCW is the whole Chris Jericho thing. I'm tired of seeing Jericho come out and talk about how he wants to please all the Jerichoholics; and will somebody please win the Cruiserweight Title. Anyway to avoid making this article to lengthy, I will stop here by congratulating Goldberg, even though I don't like him as much as everyone else apparently does, especially seeing as how they pump the chants of his name through the speakers at the arenas. But, that's another story. Anyway, congratulations Goldberg on taking the title away from Hollywood "Scum" Hogan.

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