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By SilkySmooth

Itís an action packed time for WCW fans, the main-stream media is crawling all over the place.
World Championship Wrestling has brought in major basketball and football stars into the mix with professional wrestlers.
Itís such an exciting time in WCW, except to me. Whgy not you ask? Well, itís simple, Iíve already seen all of this from WCW before.
Kevin Greene will team with an ex-football buddy of his. For those of you who donít know, that ex-football buddy of Greeneís is his former L.A. Rams roomate, Bill 'Donít Call Me Bill' Goldberg.
Another hot issue, especially to Jay Leno, is how 'The Mailman' Karl Malone will team with Diamond Dallas Page to wrestle none other than Hollywood Hogan and Dennis 'Rodzilla' Rodman.
So what weíre going to do now is hop into our SilkySmooth Pro Wrestling Time Machine and travel to the 1996 Great American Bash. Weíve come here to watch the now-hostage Ric Flair team with his best friend, 'Double A' Arn Anderson to face Kevin Greene and an ex-football buddy of his, Steve 'Mongo' McMichael. For those who never saw that match, that was when Mongo turned his back on Greene and joined the 4 Horsemen.
Wow, that match sounds oddly familiar. Anyway, letís climb back into the SilkySmooth Pro Wrestling Time Machine and travel to the 1997 Bash At The Beach.
Weíll now watch the match in which 'The Total Package' Lex Lugar teamed up with the biggest goof in wrestling, The Giant, to face Hollywood Hogan guessed it, Dennis Rodman.
Do you see the point Iím trying to make here? You could travel back to every match in history and you would never find the First Blood Match. I always like to comment on the predictability of the two promotions.
The World Wrestling Federation pulled a curveball with this First Blood Match. Every fan of the WWF thought there would be no way they would let Austin lose the title so early in his reign as champion, they were sitting on a gold mine having him as champion. Yet, how was he supposed to make Kane bleed, seeing as how Kane wears that leather mask? Well, it was simple, Austin lost. The fans were stunned,(no pun intended) however, they were equally suprised when Austin regained the title the very next night.
Yet, with the whole Rodman and Malone thing over in WCW, I can only see 3 general ways that this match will end.
Thereís the 'Good Guys Always Win' approach, where Malone and DDP will win by just plain out-wrestling the two black and white goons. (Hogan and Rodman for those who donít understand the lingo I portray)
Then thereís the 'Bad Guys Only Win By Cheating' approach, in which Hogan and Rodman will win by some sort of cheating. Like, use of a foreign object or NWO-Hollywood will interfere in some fashion.
Then, there is my favorite, the 'Wow, I Never Thought Of That Approach' approach, which is when someone who is not involved in the match in any fashion, interferes in the match. Which for this match wouldmost likely mean that the Wolfpac would interfere resulting in the match being ruled a no-contest or someone in the match joining the Wolfpac. (DDP for the absent-minded)
Those are about the only ways I can see that match ending, unless WCW and Eric Bischoff sprung and got some other high-name basketball star to come in and interfere in the match. However, being a fan of wrestling for many years, I tend to study the ways of certain owners and presidents and the like, and I doubt WCW and Eric Bischoff would actully reach into their pockets to do such a thing.
My main point of this whole article is that WCW is just too-predictable, especially in the summertime. Which is just one reason that I always have and always will prefer the WWF over WCW.
WCW supporters constantely talk of how WCW has tradition and the WWF does not. Well, doing the same types of matches and feuds each summer is not the type of tradition that I want to see.
The type of tradition that I would like to see is great traditional wrestlers like Ric Flair. Oops, sorry, I guess Iím not really supposed to talk about how WCW is screwing Ric Flair. Yet, I just think that if WCW brags about their tradition, donít you think they would actually treat there great traditional athletes with respect and honor?
So, with that I guess Iíll end this issue of Smooth Words with saying one last thing........ FREE RIC FLAIR

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