Smooth Words

By SilkySmooth

Recently there's been a lot of controversial occurences in the world of professional wrestling, and now, I will give my opinion on them. Why? Because I can!
First, we'll start with the Undertaker's new angle. Many people seem to be upset with the way this angle is going. There is huge discussions about how the World Wrestling Federation is crossing the lines of religion by having the Accolytes worship him as if he were a god, and by having the Undertaker hang Steve Austin on something that closely resembled a cross.
Also, people seem to be upset about how the Undertaker is performing human sacrifices. These people are saying that they don't want their children watching that type of programming.
Hey folks, put on your thinking caps and tell me what country you live in. Here, I'll give you a hint; it's the land of the free. Where, if you run a television show, you can put whatever you want on that show. (Within any limitations set forth by your network.) And, if the viewres don't appreciate what you present on your television show, they are free to change the channel to any program theat they feel they would like to watch.
That's right, it's the United States of America. So shut your damn mouths before I check your asses into the Smackdown Hotel. Next topic. Paul Wight (The Giant) has apparently dodged all of WCW's tactics and made it to the end of his contract. (Which ends on February 9.) And he will apparently jump ship to the best of the best, the World WRestling Federation.
I love this. I feel Paul Wight could help the WWF in ways that only a few have ever been able to do. I see Wight becoming the top heel in the federation, and performing with some of the best that professional wrestling has to offer. Such as, The Rock, Steve Austin, Mankind, Kane and the Undertaker.
Paul Wight could help the WWF to send a message to other youthful talent, such as Chris Jericho. The WWF wants these wrestlers to see the oportunity that they could have by jumping ship to the WWF. Paul Wight was misused by WCW so bad. He was put in meaningless feuds and was all but forgotten. Now, however, Wight could become on of the biggest names in the business. Which is exactly what could happen to other wrestlers. Such as, Chris Jericho.
I really hope that Chris Jericho can hold out. Jericho would be so much better off anywhere else than WCW. He would, in all honesty, benefit most from the WWF. Let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope that Chris Jericho can hold out just like Paul Wight did. Now, we're going to move on to the biggest story in professional wrestling.
The World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling are, undoutebly, bitter enemies. Recently the two organizations have started taking pot shots at one another. The whole scene started when Tony Schiavonne told everyone that was watching Nitro, exactly how the WWF's counter program, Monday Night Raw, would end.
Schiavonne told everyone that Mick Foley would win the WWF World Heavyweight Title. Schaivonne then went on to basically say that, he felt, that was not an exciting angle. Yet, why when most fans have been waiting for the day that Mick Foley would win a world title, would WCW want to tell everyone that the WWF is going to give him one later in the evening? WCW just basically invited everyone to change the channel to the WWF. Which, by looking at the ratings for that night, everyone did so. Now, when the WWF brought out Gillberg, I laughed harder than I have in a long time. I loved every minute of that angle. I'm so glad that the WWF is going to continue this angle for a while longer. I also thought it was funny when Eric Bischoff made fun of Paul Wight. Rumor has it that when Wight goes to the WWF, his name will be Titan the Corporate Giant.
So when Bischoff said "The Titanic just sank, say hello to Kevin Nash, the NWO Corporate Giant", I laughed, I thought it was clever. However, when Eric Bischoff made fun of Jim Ross, that kind of angered me. Now, I'm all for the fact that people can say and do whatever they want, but come on Eric, Jim Ross just suffered a relapse of Bell's Palsy. The man could hardly move his face when Bischoff made that comment.
How could Eric Bischoff make such a comment about someone in that condition. Show a little respect Eric. Then again, I forget who I'm talking about. Eric Bischoff and the rest of the WCW officials have no respect. Especially for their talent. It's all about politics in WCW. If you don't kiss Eric Bischoff's and Hulk Hogan's asses, you don't get anywhere. WCW has no respect for what the fans want either. Nobody wanted to see Jay Leno wrestling. No one wanted to see Karl Malone wrestling either. Now, Dennis Rodman, sure, due to his nature, I'm sure people wanted to see him in the ring. But that's about it. WCW constantly does what it feels it would benefit the most from, however the fans have showed that they don't like what WCW has to offer. Which is exactly why Raw has won the ratings for 12 weeks straight. Think about that, for the past 3 months, the WWF has wont he ratings by giving the fans what they want. Fresh exciting angles, that are cutting edge.
So unless WCW just does not want to be the best wrestling organization, I suggest that they start listening to the fans and start showing a little bit of respect to those who deserve it. Basically, WCW just needs to shut their damn mouths and know their role.
"Big Silky"

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