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By SilkySmooth

Let's start off by congratulating WCW on finally having Goldberg lose. Of course it took Nash running the booking department to get it done, but hey, it happened, let us all rejoice. Now let's move on to the WWF and their biggest angle right now; the Corporation. Or "Team Corporate" as you may have heard it called. A lot of feuds have been sprining from this angle. So far the biggest one, with DX, has been gaining some major heat as of late. Now with Shawn Michaels helping them, and acting as if he runs the company, this feud is likely to be one of the best since the DX/Nation feud. However, does this mean that Michaels is going to join DX now, or does it simply mean that he will just be one of their friends, like Mankind. And what about Val Venis and The Godfather? The Corporation has apparently starting to feud with them too. So does that mean they will join DX? I say why not? They are the two most prime to be DX members. And speaking of DX, apparently Chyna is no longer a member. I guess the WWF wants her to concentrate solely on the "Sexual Chocolate" angle. Another angle that is gaining attention in the WWF is, the Brood/Oddities feud. Apparently the rumors are as follows; Luna will turn heel witht he whole Sable thing, and Luna will join her real-life husband Gangrel in the Brood. Another rumor that is pretty big is that the Brood will join The Undertaker in his quest for darkness and teh Undertaker will be their leader. Most think that this would help out all the people in the Brood and the Oddities to get some attention. However, I know that if the WWF did this, they would concentrate solely on The Undertaker and make the Brood his little stooges. So everyone would just kind of forget about teh Brood and the Oddities. Oh, and by the way, that girl that gave Sable a rose on Raw is apparently a new female wreslter who will play Sable's sister. The 1998 clip show that the WWF showed on Raw was awesome. If you missed it, I feel sorry for you. The clip show brought back some great memories of the past year. I hope the WWF decides to show it again. Now let's move on to WCW. It's going to be very interesting to see how all the angles in WCW will be affected with Ric Flair running the company for 90 days. (Well, he's not relly running the company but WCW is going to make it seem like he is.) OPkay I want to address something I find a very serious problem in WCW. I want to talk about hte Konnan video. Who the hell is lying to these WCW executives by telling them that people want to see this video over and over again? They actually showed a part of it during Starrcade. I couldn't believe it, I went nuts, if I would've had a baseball bat nearby I would've beat the shit out of my TV and then I wouldn't have been able to see Nash win the title. Then I would have been really pissed off. At least WCW is finally giving Raven his new gimmick that they have promised for so long. I've been waiting for this forever. WCW has also given the TV title to someone who deserves a title. Scott Steiner. I'm sorry, but K-Dogg just wasn't cutting it. Yet, why oh why is WCW giving Norman Smiley giving a push. What the hell do they think they are doing? Norman Smiley? We haven't even heard the guy make a sound and they are giving him a push. Well this is just great, we'll have to see him on the next couple of pay-per-views and his matches will suck. Apparently WCW is going to lose Paul Wight (The Giant) and Chris Irvine (Chris Jericho) as soon as their contracts end. WCW is trying everything they can to keep these two, but why? They just misused these two stars anyway, let them go and get the recognition they deserve over in the best of the best, the World Wrestling Federation. Okay, this is the part of my article that I like to call "What If"! This week's "What If" is entitled "What if Disco Inferno did join the Wolfpac?" Imagine, Disco gets the win over Bam Bam Bigelow and joins the Wolfpac. He eventually starts to prove himself over the new year and thent akes the leadership position of the Wolfpac. He then goes on to change the Wolfpac theme music to "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas and changes the Wolfpac colors to blaze-orange and lime-green. Yes, to me, that would be absolute heaven. Anyway, that's all I have this week. I'll be back next week with another exciting edition of SmoothWords. In the meantime, keep practicing those smooth lines and make sure you don't forget your damn role.
"Big Silky"

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