Smooth Words

By SilkySmooth

Welcome to my new column, my name is SilkySmooth, I would like to thank the owner of BUZZKILLER for allowing me to write for this website. Now, on to the important stuff. I'll start off by telling everyone that I prefer the WWF over WCW, as you'll come to notice in the upcoming issues. Next, as far as this whole WCW/nWo debate is concerned, I am Wolfpac 4 Life, no question. You can't beat Big Sexy and the crew, there just aint no stopping them.
Which brings me to my point for this issue; I've heard talk of how the Wolfpac is a bunch of turncoats and sellouts, etc., well, I'm here to tell you the truth.
If you will, think back to the days when the original New World Order was forming, it was said that the nWo was there to take over WCW. As the months went on, it seemed as though that were happening, then, Hogan's big head started growing even larger and he along with most of the nWo lost focus of the original purpose. The New World Order grew to become a bunch of spot-light loving, movie star wanna-be's.
Big Sexy saw this occuring and he knew he had to do something. He tried to fix the problems while still keeping the nWo from falling apart, but it just couldn't be done. Nash did what he had to do, he made the Wolfpac! Obviously others felt the same way he did, not just wrestlers, but fans as well. Notice how the Wolfpac has become the most popular group in wrestling today, aside from the non-existant Four Horsemen. (Which I'll address in a future issue)
Nash is just trying to stick to the original cause: taking over WCW, however, right now he has to worry about taking care of Hollywood and his black and white goons first.
But after they are taken care of; The Red And Black Attack of the Wolfpac will go about it's business of taking over WCW, because they are just 2 Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Wolfpac 4 Life"

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